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February, 20

Why PM Modi imposed Demonetisation: Crippled by bad loans, banks could no longer lend money to PM’s friends

Since 8th November 2016, PM Modi, like a desperate salesman trying to cover up the manufacturing defects in his product, offered many reasons for Demonetisation. From black money and terrorism to counterfeit currency and cashless economy, he dangled carrots of various shapes and sizes before the people. However, the real story lies elsewhere.

February, 16

100 Days of Demonetisation Blunder: ATMs still have no notes and Pak is pumping high quality fake notes

As India nears 100 days of Demonetisation, people were expecting counterfeit currency would never raise its ugly head again, and that Modi ji, as promised, had silenced Pakistan once and for all. We wish this was true. It is, unfortunately, another jumla, one that was designed by the PM to hide his lack of foresight and chronic ineptitude.

February, 15

“PM is in perennial election mode, HM is busy campaigning & the Defence Minister is in sleep mode”

BJP came to power in 2014 partly based on a rhetoric built around muscular nationalism. Their Prime Ministerial candidate, Shri Narendra Modi had said India was not secure under the premiership of Dr Manmohan Singh. He evidently mistook the politeness of Dr Singh for weakness.

February, 13

Demonetisation a Failure: Fake Currency Notes find their way into the country

November 8th, 2016, a day etched in infamy. It was on this day, that the sitting Indian Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi

February, 10

PM Modi has desecrated the Temple of Democracy

The Prime Minister has no respect for the Parliament. For all his shows of prostrating before the Parliament on assuming office, Shri Narendra Modi has disdain for both Houses of Parliament

February, 3

Best part of Modi Govt’s Budget: India spared from another Demonetisation like disaster

This is the fourth Union Budget presented by Shri ArunJaitley, and we are still waiting for his Big Bang Reforms.

January, 30

BJP busy juggling numbers, while people asking where are the jobs

This document speaks about the state of India's economy, its many issues and where it is headed: Former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh

January, 23

BJP has compromised Railways security, to meet its own PR goals

Words. What is the value of words? It can inspire, it can soothe, it can entice, it can enrage. Yet, words alone are never enough. It has to always be backed by action. It has to help articulate sound policies and good management. The sad reality with the BJP Government is that they only focus on words, but not on the sound policies and management. There is no better example of this than the India

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