The Government had three stated objectives for demonetization i.e. to curb the black money, to check fake currency, stop funding for terrorism and also to eradicate corruption, but all these objectives miserably failed

The Government had three stated objectives for demonetization i.e. to curb the black money, to check fake currency, stop funding for terrorism and also to eradicate corruption, but all these objectives miserably failed

synopsis from the speech of the leader of the Congress party in lok sabha shri Mallikarjun kharge during discussion on “Motion of thanks” on 6th February, 2017. 

 Lok Sabha

SHRI MAllIKARJUN KHARGE: It stands to be my duty to make the common people aware of the shortcomings inherent in this Address and the veracity of the facts enumerated therein. Most of the people failed to understand the reasons for the merger of Rail Budget with the General Budget. Railway is a public service institution, not a commercial service organization. 92-93 years old practice was suddenly discontinued. 

 It is not the objective of the Railway to earn revenue for the department of finance, whereas its objective is to provide maximum facilities to the common men by charging minimum fare. They said that a bullet train will be started from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with a corpus of Rs.1 lakh crore, but no concrete work has been undertaken in this direction. A budgetary provision of Rs.10 thousand crore has been made even without acquiring land for this purpose. They have badly failed to deliver on promises made by them. I would like to tell you that 62 rail derailments took place last year which is more than 70 per cent as compared to the last year. Moreover, efforts are not being made to avert the accidents. The autonomy of the Railway should have been kept intact

The MNREGA has been frequently mentioned in the President’s Address. Rs.48 thousand crore has been allocated for MGNREGA but it is a meager amount. Today, at least Rs. 90 thousand crore should have been allocated for this scheme, if man days are Rs. 90 thousand and the Government intends to implement it efficiently. At the same time, it is a fact that wages have been increased but accordingly budget has not been increased. 

 I would like to state that bare words buy no barley. A household could get only 33 days of work out of 100 days during this regime which is much less as compared to the earlier ones. Rs.16 thousand crore is yet to be disbursed to the states which are likely to be disbursed from this year’s allocation of Rs.48 thousand crore. After Independence, if green revolution was brought about and people were fed, then this work was done by the Congress Party, the UPA Government, Shrimati Indira Gandhi and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. The Congress Party did everything possible to save the democracy and the Constitution in the country. 

 Therefore, if Modiji could become the Prime Minister despite coming from a humble background, the credit must go to the Congress Party which strengthened democracy in the country. I would like to put across some data relating to agricultural growth in the country. In the year 2013-14, there was 4.2 per cent growth in agriculture sector and this year it is being estimated at 4 per cent. Now any one can imagine as to how much growth is there in the field of agriculture.

The farmers had to face several difficulties in purchasing fertilizers after demonetization and many farmers could not purchase the seeds. But now it is being stated that the sowing area has increased this year in comparison to the previous year. But increase in sowing area does not necessarily result in higher production. In fact, timely rain and timely use of fertilizers increase the production. There is no substantial growth in the MSP for farmers. As many as 8000 farmers have committed suicide and this number is 42 per cent more than that of the year 2014. Marathwada witnessed 4000 farmer suicide in just four months. This is the track record of this government. After severe drought and demonetization, our party had requested the government to waive off the loans of farmers as our government had also waived off loan of 72000 crore in its tenure. But the government did not pay any heed to this request of ours. 

 The Chief Minister of Karnataka tried for three long months to have a discussion with Prime Minister on the condition of drought in the state but he was not given any appointment. Finally, he was heard in December but no money has yet been released. Now, any one can imagine how this government works in the interests of the farmers. 

 The issue of demonetization could not be discussed in the last session. But a perception is being created outside that the Opposition Parties did not want to have a discussion on this issue. Our party moved the Adjournment Motion and had requested for a discussion on the issue of demonetization undRule 56 or 184 but the government was adamant. Thereafter, the Opposition parties had appealed to the hon. Speaker to have a discussion under any Rule but this was also objected by the government. Today, I would like to point out the shortcomings of the demonetization scheme. About 86-87 days have passed by ever since demonetization and many economists have spoken against this move. 

  The economic experts believes that the government had many other options to curb the black money. However, the Government devastated the people. People had to stand in the long queues and at least 125 people died. The Government should have at least paid a tribute to them in the House and also the Prime Minister should have apologized. The construction workers after quitting their jobs are going back to their villages as a result of which the number of households working under MNREGA has doubled from 2.5 crore to 5 crore. The unplanned demonetization and lack in necessary preparedness disrupted our economy and brought down our GDP by one per cent. 

 The Government had three stated objectives for demonetization i.e. to curb the black money, to check fake currency, stop funding for terrorism and also to eradicate corruption but all these objectives miserably failed. This decision was taken by the Prime Minister alone. That is why the scheme failed. We would like the government to declare the names of persons who have more than 500 crore black money. The ruling party also purchased properties in Bihar, West Bengal, Rajasthan etc. prior to this move. The government had also leaked this information to its favourite industrialists also. In fact demonetization or change of currency is carried out for three basic reasons like hyper inflation of rates like 15000 per cent, substantial number of counterfeit currency and the currency being primarily used by criminals and smugglers. Evidently, none of these conditions were applicable in India.

 RBI is still clueless to give any final data after demonetization. Under the Swachh Bharat Scheme the government had a target of constructing 11 crore 11 lakhs toilets but so far it has only been able to construct two crore and 7 lakhs toilets. The hon. Prime Minister had promised to create two crore jobs every year and going by this figure if not six crore at least 5 crore jobs should have been created but the government has only generated 1 lakh and 50 thousand jobs. Under the Standup India, the hon. Prime Minister had announced to empower two lakh 50 thousand people but so far only 15 thousand persons have been benefitted. 

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