The Prime Minister Sh. Narender Modi is so out of touch about speaking in the parliament that even his speech in the parliament was full of clichés and election rhetoric. The Prime Minister in his election mode did not forget to address the members as ‘Bhaino aur Bhaiyo’ unlike the manner in which members are addressed in a session of parliament.  The Prime Ministers reply to the motion of thanks to the address of the President was totally devoid of substance and he did not address any of the issues raised by the opposition. It is his way of speaking that he makes light of other people and pats his back for things he has spoken about but not achieved. The manner in which he spoke in jest about former Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh is a new low and no Prime Minister before him has sunk so low. He forgets that it is not as a leader of the BJP but as a Prime Minister that he speaks specially in Parliament and it is his bounden duty to maintain the dignity of this post that has been held by great dignitaries before him and will surely be held by people of eminence and culture in future too.

 In his inimitable style of ridiculing everything of the opposition he went to the extent of making light of the earthquake, which shook Uttrakhand and neighboring areas. Congress Vice President Shri Rahul Gandhi tweeting about PM said ‘The Prime Minister mocks the tragedy of Uttrakhand and insults the freedom struggle but has no answers to the oppositions questions.’ It was in the same manner he ridiculed the sufferings of the people when he announced demonetization and people suffered unmitigated agony especially those who were with meager means. Glossing over the real questions of the opposition he did not share with the house what benefits have accrued as a result of the drive which he forced his way through bullying everyone who was directly concerned to subservience.  The nation still has no answers to what happened to black money and how much of it was actually recovered. How much money actually came back to the banking system and what are the follow up plans which will benefit the nation after the entire nation suffered. The PM rarely addresses the Parliament but when he did, he used this opportunity only to deride the various opposition parties, ridicule their leadership and use language that does not behove a leader holding the stature of Prime Minister of 135 Crore Indians. He spoke in derogatory manner about former Prime Ministers and was so full of himself that as if he alone was a performing PM, India has ever had, even when he has only Jumlas to speak for himself and his party and has led the country towards an economic crises and worst relationship with our neighbours. There is no direction and no road map, which is visible in the acts of the government except for taking credit for policies and programs started by previous governments, which are now coming towards fruition. The Prime Minister has to ensure that the dignity of the house is not lowered and the Parliament is not an election rally where he can use his style of making fun of everyone while telling his Jumlas. The dignity of the house must be maintained

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