U-Turn Policy Towards Pakistan

Spokesperson: Shri Manish Tewari: He said that Pakistan’s blatant attempt to internationalize the very sensitive situation in Jammu & Kashmir in which they have been an agent provocateur for over 2-1/2 decades now needs to be condemned in the strongest terms possible. However, this also raises a very vital question about the complete absence of not only a strategy but even tactical approach which the Modi Government has qua Pakistan.

When was the last time that India heard a statement from the Secretary General of the United Nations on Kashmir? If my memory serves me correctly, throughout the ten years of the UPA Government, there was never an attempt to interfere. BJP-NDA Government, the Prime Minister has failed to craft a coherent policy towards Pakistan and if you look at the trajectory of India’s approach towards Pakistan over the past 26 months, it evidences the assertion that we are making.

In May 2014, Prime Minister Modi invited Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for his coronation swearing-in then you have the Foreign Secretary level talks being called off because the Pakistani High Commissioner chose to invite the Hurriyat. After that you saw unprecedented tension and firing both on the Line of Control and the International Border, tension and firing which had never been seen in ten years before that. After that the Ufa fiasco takes place, then you have the attack in Gurdaspur, it is followed by some secret parleys between the NSAs in Bangkok whose details have not emerged till now. Then the Prime Minister decided to air-drop into Lahore Why nobody knows till today. Then you have the attack in Pathankot. Then you have the invitation to the Pakistani Investigating Agency and invitation which was never reciprocated by allowing the NIA to travel to Pakistan. So, therefore, if you look at it in a nutshell, Government of India’s policy towards Pakistan has been a continuing story of U-turns, somersaults and flip-flops. And this unfortunately and it is indeed very unfortunate, has undermined India’s national security. We do expect that this Government handles such an intricate situation in a far more mature manner than what they have done in the past 25 months. Friday, 15th July, 2016.

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