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October, 18

Modi’s Stand Up India Can’t Get Off the Ground!

Today we tell you the story of the graphic failure that is PM Modi’s Stand Up India campaign. The numbers were revealed thanks to a shocking response on September 24, 2017, to The Indian Express’s RTI request to the Ministry of Finance.

October, 18

BJP’s last stand in Gujarat: Blame Congress

When left with no recourse, PM Narendra Modi falls back to his old ways of blaming the Congress for everything. However, this time, the elections are in Gujarat where the BJP has been in government for 22 years. So, he has no case castigating Congress for the numerous ills affecting the state. Out of any robust policy critiques, he has chosen the ridiculous notion of “Congress hates Gujarat.”

October, 18

MP Lokayukta: A Case of Favouritism

The BJP government in Madhya Pradesh appointed Naresh Kumar Gupta as the new Lokayukta of the state on Tuesday, reflecting gross political nepotism. The post was lying vacant since July 2016, after the retirement of former Supreme Court Justice PP Naolekar and was being provisionally held by Justice UC Maheshwari, the Deputy Lokayukta of the state.

October, 18

BJP's double standards on patriotism

India is in the phase of ‘Modi-Rajya’ and reporting against injustice, inequality or unfairness is strictly prohibited. One has to face repercussions for speaking the truth under the Modi Government.

October, 18

From Darkness to Light

On a dark, gloomy and moonless night, Lord Rama, the exiled king of Ayodhya returned home after 14 years, having vanquished the evil of Ravana. To honor their king and celebrate his victory, the people of Ayodhya lit his path with oil lamps. This began the tradition of Diwali or Deepavali which translates to a ‘row of lights’. India’s most widely celebrated festival

October, 18

Nowhere Man Narendra Modi

Narendra Modi is a textbook strongman. He rose to power, seemingly out of nowhere, from the BJP’s fundamentalist fringe in literally seismic circumstances. His USP: being a strong man called to rescue a state in crisis. The year was 2001 and the Bhuj Earthquake at 7.7 on the Richter scale made its devastating impact, killing 20,023, injuring 167,000 and destroying 4 lakh homes. To bolster confide

October, 17

Let's talk about Amit Shah's 'vanshvaad', Mr. Modi

With his party on shaky ground in his home turf Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi attempted a desperate, rousing speech to provide a last-minute boost to BJP.

October, 17

Diwali gloom: Traders bear the brunt of GST, Demonetisation

Reeling under the impact of the hasty implementation of GST, this Diwali is one of gloom for traders. First, demonetisation broke the backs of the small and medium-sized businesses, and then the implementation of a botched up GST

October, 17

How the BJP Govt distorted Congress' vision of GST

Under intense pressure from the traders, small businessmen and people of Gujarat over a hastily implemented GST, the BJP sought to deflect the blame on the Congress on Monday.

October, 16

From UP to Maharashtra, infant deaths continue unabated

PM Modi’s ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas’ chant seems to have completely ignored the children and women of the country. It is appalling to see the dismal condition of state-run hospitals in the BJP-ruled states. At least 75,493 infant deaths were recorded across India in the first four months of this financial year (till July). Madhya Pradesh, with 9,269 children aged till 5, recorded the highest deaths

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