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December, 12

We are not afraid of the government and we will not be silenced

At Aaj Tak’s “Agenda Talk” Anand Sharma said the Congress party is not afraid of the government and is not going to be silenced. 

Sharma said the Congress has the utmost respect for the post of Prime Minister, but reserve the right to disagree with the politics and policies of Shri Narendra Modi. He reminded the government that they made many promises during the 2014 Lok Sabha campaign and that the Congress party, as a responsible Opposition, wants to help the government for the purpose of development of India. But, he asked the Prime Minister and the BJP to stop their politics of confrontation and the targeting of Opposition benches. 

The government is trying to pull the wool over people’s eyes with the new economic indicators. Under the old calculation, our economy grew at only 5.2%. Sharma said that today, when oil imports are at historic lows, and the government is saving $92 billion on imports, yet our exports have been declining for the last 12 months. For 4 years, the exports grew under UPA, but now it is seeing a decline. 

Sharma reminded the government that despite Shri Modi’s whirlwind foreign visits and extravagant events, the FDI inflow is $46 billion. In 2011 alone the FDI inflow was $48 billion.

Despite the many proclamation by the BJP about inflation being down and the economy getting back on track, we have seen prices skyrocketing and job growth stagnating. Chicken is now as expensive as toor dal. The UPA had increased the budget on education 10 times, on health 7 times, and were the architects of the legislations that the BJP claims to champion, like the GST, and before that the Insurance Bill and the Bangladesh Land Boundary Agreement. 

Sharma reiterated that the Congress is playing the role of responsible Opposition and respects the verdict of the people. But, that does not mean that the Congress will not oppose the politics and policies of the government. We will continue to fight for the common man. 

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