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December, 12

BJP leader Subramanian Swamy has accepted he is taking orders from the PMO

On the National Herald case, Subramanian Swamy has claimed to journalists that he enjoys the “tacit support” of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

In a news report, the reputed international news agency, Reuters, has claimed Swamy met Prime Minister Modi on Thursday. The Reuters’ report says: “(Swamy) says he has the tacit support of Modi, and powerful Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has also voiced his approval.”

It is now clear that Shri Modi is using his proxies to harass Opposition parties. “Swamy met Modi on Thursday and said the prime minister voiced no objections to his case against the Gandhis,” the Reuters report says.


PM Modi’s aides have also been quoted in the story claiming that the Prime Minister has “always wanted to pursue cases against the Gandhi family.” “Senior aides to Modi say that he sympathised with the case. Modi ji has always wanted to pursue legal cases against the Gandhi family,’ said one. ‘This case could end the Gandhi supremacy, and that is good for us.’”

Shri Modi has insulted the dignity of the Prime Minister’s Office by using threats and coercion to subdue criticism against his government.

The attacks by his proxies go against the very foundation of the democratic and liberal values of our country. Instead of engaging in a dialogue with the Opposition on GST, Shri Modi has decided to unleash government agencies and Swamy against Congress leaders across India.


This is a clear case of political vendetta orchestrated from the PMO itself. From ignoring the Election Commission order quashing Swamy’s first complaint, to removing the Enforcement Director who dismissed the National Herald case, the BJP government is trying every trick to subdue the Congress.

But we are not scared of you, Modi ji. We will fight every onslaught, guarded as we are by the truth, and, undeterred, we will continue exposing your divisive and anti-poor agenda.

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