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September, 23

"Women's Reservation: An idea whose time has come"

The idea of women’s reservation is not new, it dates back to the 1980’s when former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi first envisioned and campaigned for women's reservation in Parliament and state assemblies.

September, 22

Skill Development: Big Promises, Even Bigger Failures

It is no secret that the Modi government have utterly failed on its promise to deliver jobs, with the number of jobs being created hitting an 8 year low. Most of the governments umbrella schemes to increase employment have failed

September, 22

BJP backtracking on Kashmir shows lack of strategic thinking

“I have got the privilege to visit Jammu and Kashmir so often. This land draws me here”, said our Prime Minister Modi gallantly at a public rally in 2015. When the same Prime Minister visited Jammu and Kashmir again in 2017,

September, 22

Love Jihad: Another Symptom of Insecure Nationalism

India’s Hindu nationalist Modi government’s recent campaigns of anti-Muslims prejudices aim to completely marginalize the minority community in the public space. With its recent rake-up of the “Love Jihad

September, 22

Simultaneous Elections: An Attack on Democracy

India has the distinction of being the largest representative democracy of the world. Understanding the plural character of Indian society, the liberal stalwarts of independent India took a lot of pain to create a political system based on parliamentary democracy.

September, 21

Modi government's war on environment

India is a unique repository of rich wildlife and vegetation. Hence, the impetus to conserve this biodiversity lies on every policy framed by our lawmakers.

September, 21

NEET: BJP’s flawed policy-making threatening futures of medical aspirants

Leave it to the BJP on how to make an idea, that needs to be improved-upon, completely unpalatable. The loss of life of a 17-year-old meritorious Dalit medical aspirant

September, 21

Rahul Gandhi Rocks Times Square!

Rahul Gandhi reminded 30 million Non Resident Indians that the original Congress movement for Indian Independence was spearheaded by NRIs. Be it Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Chandrashekhar Azad or Sardar Vallabhai Patel, a vast majority of India’s founding fathers used their exposure to the world beyond India to return with transformative ideas to transpose into our cutting edge democracy

September, 21

Openness and Transparency: The Legacy of Congress

The retrospective view of today’s Indian political system brings us to two distinct philosophies. One, represented by the Indian National Congress, that speaks of liberal principles, transparency, decentralisation of power

September, 21

Politics of division denting India's reputation for tolerance

The last time India witnessed religious instigation and communal politics of the level it does today, the British colonial rule was upon us, that brought with it multiple riots

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