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June, 19

Without Digital Security, can there be a Digital India

INC has always stood behind the concept of Aadhaar, and from 2010 onwards we were open to discussions to better improve this historic legislation

June, 15

Without jobs our Demographic Dividend will become a Demographic Disaster

The question that is on the minds of every Indian is, “Where are the Jobs?”

June, 7

Farmers demand: Fair price & loan waiver; Govt’s Reply: Firing Squad

Lie. Kill. Blame. This is the mantra of the Bharatiya Janata Party. In Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh yesterday, 6 farmers were killed and several injured in firings.

June, 2

Modi Government inherited an Economy on the way up, & in turn has brought it down

Construction sector witnessed a contraction and declined by 3.7%. Manufacture sector halved from the First Quarter to the Last Quarter to 5.3%.

June, 1

Rahul Gandhi public address in Sangareddy in Telangana

The people of Telangana had a dream, that after achieving statehood, they would start having a say in the affairs of the state. The movement for Telangana was spearheaded by the students and the youth. They believed that once statehood was achieved, opportunities denied to them would be a thing of the past.

May, 31

PM Modi’s ‘56 inches’ of failure on the foreign policy front

56 inches is a number that Prime Minister has closely wanted to associate with. In describing his chest

May, 30

For the BJP, Cow is either Yummy or Mummy, depending on where they are soliciting votes

The Cow a holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Indians. The Congress party abjures violence and treads on the path of ahimsa. The horrific incident in Kerala goes against the very tenets of the party and appropriate action has been taken against those responsible. This condemnation came from the Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi

May, 29

Empty rhetoric doesn’t create jobs

During his Election Campaign in 2014, Shri Narendra Modi made grand promises of bringing jobs in India. This promise filled his many speeches as he crisscrossed the nation, attending election rallies. Then, came 2014, when the BJP formed the Government and the Nation waited to see if he could deliver on his promises.

May, 29

Which soap will the BJP use to clean their dirty mentality?

The stark reality of what the BJP thinks of Dalits can be found in two separate events in this last week. In Telengana, when the BJP President, Shri Amit Shah, went to meet Dalits and had a meal with them

May, 10

Bharatiya Jungleraj Party

56 inches is a term that is often bandied about by the public relations machinery of the BJP when it comes to describing the Prime Minister of India.

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