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October, 10

Amethi set to witness BJP's mantra of renaming, re-packaging and re-launching

Despite attempts made by the Narendra Modi government to shape the popular narrative to suit them, there are clear signs of their ploys not working. The people of this country are tired of the shape in which the economy is, farm distress, low consumer confidence, and general mismanagement of the Economy. Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s trips to various parts of the country are to ensure that these genuine grievances that the common people of the country have, find an outlet and political expression. However, this has not gone down well with our rivals. From their high offices in New Delhi, some have been compelled to fly down to the heat and dust of the hinterlands, and question Mr. Gandhi about his record in his constituency Amethi. They won't like what they find.

We welcome the fact that the development in Amethi has forced our rivals to travel to areas outside of Delhi. Mr. Gandhi does this on a regular basis, not for reaping political mileage, but out of genuine concern towards the people. The Congress party’s association with Amethi is not one driven by temporary political goals, but a long-standing development-oriented one. Indeed, since the 80s till date barring a short two-periods, it was the Congress that has governed Amethi, with development as its only focus.

As far as infrastructure goes, Amethi has seen rapid strides in all areas, be it rural electrification, roads, railways. For instance. 727 Gramsabhas have been electrified. All BPL families have been given free electricity connections. Nearly 700 solar powered lights have been installed. 

The story on roads is even better, a total of 2290 Kms of roads were built at the cost of Rs 2051 Cr. 516Kms of roads were built with PMGSY. 72Kms through Mr. Gandhi's MPLAD funds. 870 Kms through CRF and 832 through National Highways scheme. 

In railways, 150kms of new Railway lines were sanctioned in the last 7 years alone, along with numerous train services providing connectivity to Amethi. The effort on the railways front has also spanned railway stations where 8 have been upgraded with overbridges and additional passenger facilities.

Moving beyond basic infrastructure, be it with the Rajiv Gandhi Computer Education Centre, the CRPF Recruit Training Centre, the FDDI Fursatganj Campus, the Indira Gandhi School of Nursing, the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi, Rajiv Gandhi, or the Indira Gandhi Institute of Paramedical Institute of Paramedical Sciences, successive Congress-led administrations have brought progressive institutions to Amethi. The sole focus has been to give a boost to education, generate jobs, and improve the standards of living. To be clear, these are just a few of the development-oriented institutes that the Congress party has brought to Amethi.

Again, these instances mentioned above are but a few. Here are some more projects that have been initiated and are in various stages of implementation:

The pettiness and nervousness of this current dispensation are such that they blocked several projects in Amethi, that were sanctioned by the UPA government. The Mega Food Park and the paper mills in Jagdishpur are the chief amongst them, while a full list of stalled projects follows below. To meddle with and stop the development of projects that would have brought many new avenues of employment to the people, is the perfect illustration of the BJP dispensation's phony concern about Amethi. Not just this, but to give the impression that they are really concerned about the constituency, we hear that a certain minister in PM Modi's cabinet is going to "attend the launch of an FM station at Gauriganj". All is good here, except for the small detail that the AIR FM Radio Station, Gauriganj was inaugurated by Mr. Gandhi on 19 February 2014 in the presence of the then CEO of Prasar Bharti. To begin with, a 5 KW FM transmitter was installed. The approximate project cost was Rs. 50 lakh, and the set up comprised of a playback studio & recording studio. 

So enamoured is the BJP dispensation with the development projects initiated by the Congress, that they just end up re-inaugurating existing projects. On one hand, this dispensation claims that no development happened in the last 70 years, on the other, they are running a Central government by renaming, relaunching and repacking UPA-era schemes, with great pomp and grandeur. It seems Mr. Modi's lack of originality and vision is infectious and has spread amongst his fellow travellers in the party.

Amethi Projects Sanctioned by UPA Govt.

but Cancelled/ Not Progressed During NDA Govt.

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