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January, 6

Govt’s decision to prepone presentation of Budget is a violation of EC’s ‘Model Code of Conduct’

On the 8th of November, an arrogant Prime Minister Modi decided to scrap all Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes. Having confined himself to the echo chamber of sycophants and BJP trolls, PM Modi was unable to anticipate the implications and the public mood. As days rolled by, he realized people were being put through immeasurable hardships, and they were beginning to see that Demonetisation, far from being a fight against black money, was merely a process to benefit the top 1% super rich in India. 

Staring at a potential political backlash in the 5 poll bound states, the Modi Government has now decided to go ahead and present the Union Budget, a month before it is traditionally presented - end of January, as opposed to the end of February. This is just before polling in various states is slated to begin. 

The Modi Government hopes to present a Union Budget, which we anticipate will be high on promises, and if history is any guide, low on deliverables, to help influence the elections. This would be, in terms of ethics, a violation of the Model Code of Conduct. The presentation of a Union Budget, days prior to polling, will go against the very idea of “Free and Fair Elections.”

In a press conference, the BJP, akin to a petulant child complained against the Congress Party and the Opposition. Evidently, the BJP is unhappy that the Opposition is raising the issues of corruption, economic losses and deaths due to Demonetisation. Never before has a Government been so scared of an Opposition that they would rather engage in mud-slinging than debate. Now that we are bringing forward criticisms against the inherently unethical decision of presenting the Union Budget just days before elections in various States, the BJP is again getting agitated & flustered.

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