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February, 10

PM Modi has desecrated the Temple of Democracy

The Prime Minister has no respect for the Parliament. For all his shows of prostrating before the Parliament on assuming office, Shri Narendra Modi has disdain for both Houses of Parliament, its Members, and by extension, the people of India. Every insult hurled at a sitting Member, is an insult to the people who the Member represents. But, what does Shri Modi care? He listens to no one and he cares about them even less. 

The latest in a long list of insults in the Parliament was provided by Shri Modi when he attacked the former Prime Minister in the most unacceptable manner. His comment was in extremely poor taste. It is unbecoming of a Prime Minister to use such language for a former PM. This is after Shri Modi refused to come to the House and listen to what the other Members were saying, their points, their questions. 

Shri Modi and his party love to portray him as a unique individual. He is unique, in his single handed attempt to trample the Temple of Indian Democracy. Each of his predecessors had the courtesy to attend and listen to the other leaders and reply to their questions. 

Shri Modi balks at being called a dictator. But, actions speak louder than words. He has been so deified by his trolls and blind followers, that he has forgotten that in the Parliament he is merely the First amongst Equals. So accustomed has he become to a grovelling Cabinet and party colleagues, that it appears he can’t stomach any criticism, however constructive they maybe. Instead of scanning Social Media, and getting his information from his coterie of sycophants, he should see the havoc his decisions have caused to the Nation. 

We are a Nation which is facing job losses and a private sector that has been moribund for the last few years. Questions were raised on the demonstratively deadly Demonetisation decision taken by Shri Modi. And on top of that he had the audacity to say that some of the top Economists around the world don’t have parameters to understand the study this phenomenon of Demonetisation. They have parameters to know the impact of removing liquidity from the Economy. If Shri Modi had consulted the Chief Economic Adviser, he would know what that means. The PM has only been able to show Economic Growth by getting the Finance Ministry to juggle numbers and isn’t in a position to criticise what economists say. 

The Prime Minister himself has set the tone of Parliament. It is to provoke, obfuscate and refuse to answer questions. 

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