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February, 15

“PM is in perennial election mode, HM is busy campaigning & the Defence Minister is in sleep mode”

BJP came to power in 2014 partly based on a rhetoric built around muscular nationalism. Their Prime Ministerial candidate, Shri Narendra Modi had said India was not secure under the premiership of Dr Manmohan Singh. He evidently mistook the politeness of Dr Singh for weakness. Yet, the numbers clearly show that terror attacks and deaths had significantly fallen under UPA’s tenure. This was because of adroit diplomacy and the steely determination of the UPA Government headed by Dr Singh. 

In 2014, there was a change in Government, and under a new Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, we waited with bated breath to see if he would be able to consolidate the advancements made by Dr Singh. Sadly, Shri Modi has shown himself to be incapable when compared to his predecessor. 

There has been a spike in the terror attacks in India. These attacks have taken the lives of nearly 188 security personnel and 82 civilians. This is not including the numerous injuries and property damaged due to these attacks. There is a 200% increase in infiltration bids. Ceasefire violations have increased. India has suffered attacks and bombings with a frequency seen in war torn countries like Afghanistan. 

This is a Government, which despite its vast resources, wasn’t able to safeguard the Home Ministry’s website. Would you entrust your safety with this Government. 

Addressing a Press Conference, Dr Ajoy Kumar said, “Prime Minister is in perennial election mode. Home Minister, Shri Rajnath Singh is busy campaigning. The Defence Minister, Shri Manohar Parrikar is in Sleep Mode.” The Nation’s security and safety is merely an election exercise for this Government. 

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