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May, 29

Empty rhetoric doesn’t create jobs

During his Election Campaign in 2014, Shri Narendra Modi made grand promises of bringing jobs in India. This promise filled his many speeches as he crisscrossed the nation, attending election rallies. Then, came 2014, when the BJP formed the Government and the Nation waited to see if he could deliver on his promises.

Three years since that day in May 2014, the youth of India are still waiting for jobs to come. The spin doctors at Shri Modi’s disposal try and paint a rosy picture of the Economy. They try and dazzle the people with fudged GDP numbers, hiding the fact that they changed the base year. While in the labyrinthine corridors of the Government offices numbers are being manipulated and contorted to show Shri Modi’s efforts in a positive light, the reality is another story altogether. The youth of this nation are being starved of any jobs. Their hopes lie shattered as the unrelenting BJP Government refuses to even acknowledge low job creation as a grave national problem.

Let us glance at the numbers which they are desperate to hide from the public. The numbers put out by the Government’s own Labour Bureau paint the following picture. In 2009-10, the then UPA-II Government created 8.7 lakh jobs. In 2010-11, that number increased to 9.29 lakh jobs. The BJP, on the other hand, managed to create a mere 1.35 lakh jobs in its first year in 2014-15. Till December 2016, the job creation for 2016-17 remained a static 1.35 lakh jobs.

So, while the Government is busy trying to showcase its ‘7% GDP growth’, it is hiding the fact that growth in employment is a dismal 1.1%. To add to this, the rate of joblessness has increased to 5% and the rate of under-employment is a staggering 35%. Under-employment means people don’t have regular work over the year and get paid very low wages.

With these dismal numbers, the question needs to be asked, what exactly is the Government celebrating?

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