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May, 30

For the BJP, Cow is either Yummy or Mummy, depending on where they are soliciting votes

The Cow a holds a special place in the hearts and minds of Indians. The Congress party abjures violence and treads on the path of ahimsa. The horrific incident in Kerala goes against the very tenets of the party and appropriate action has been taken against those responsible. This condemnation came from the Congress Vice President, Rahul Gandhi, who reminded every Congressman, and indeed every Indian, that such barbaric acts are completely unacceptable.

The Congress has always been very clear and steadfast in its position on beef in India, as evidenced from even the briefest glance at the Constituent Assembly debates. The BJP, on the other hand, have consistently been using the ‘Politics of Beef’ to divert attention from the atrocities its members are carrying out against Dalits and Minorities. By using an emotive issue, they are trying desperately to disguise the fact that in many cases their supporters have become lynch mobs.

BJP has also taken cynical politicking to the next well. While their lynch mobs brutalise and murder innocent cattle traders, like they did to Pehlu Khan in Alwar or beat up Dalits for clearing a cow carcass in Una, BJP leaders have been making statements supporting beef consumption in the North East, Kerala and Goa. Their sitting Union Minister, Shri Kiren Rijiju has openly declared, “I eat beef, I am from Arunachal Pradesh, can somebody stop me? So let us not be touchy about somebody's practices.”

In fact, the rabble-rousing poster boy of the BJP, Shri Sangeet Som, who is also a sitting Minister in Yogi Adityanath’s Government, was one of the founders of the Al-Dua Food Processing Pvt Ltd, which describes itself as “a leading producer and exporter of halal meat from India.” It should be noted that under the watchful gaze of the Narendra Modi Government, India became the largest exporter of Beef in the world, overtaking Brazil. According to reports India exported nearly 11,92,327 tonnes of beef between April 2016 and February 2017. Further, it was reported that 152 cows at the 128-year-old Kanpur Gaushala, one of the largest and richest bovine shelters in the country, have died in the past five months – around a quarter of its population. Newspapers have reported that half of its 540 cows are sick. Proving yet again that there is very little substance to the words of the BJP.

The BJP has taken cynical politicking to new lows, playing with the sentiments of Indians to further their petty agenda.

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