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May, 31

PM Modi’s ‘56 inches’ of failure on the foreign policy front

56 inches is a number that Prime Minister has closely wanted to associate with. In describing his chest, the then Prime Ministerial Candidate, Shri Narendra Modi, hoped this metaphor would convey the message of strength to the Indian electorate. During the course of his election campaign, and after, Shri Modi has peppered his rhetoric with jingoism and masculine nationalism, which hides the fact that he has had little success in designing a coherent policy for India’s relations with her neighbours.

Since the Modi Government assumed office, there have been over 170 terror attacks on India. When in Opposition, Shri Modi had said, “From China’s intrusions to Pakistan’s ambushes – UPA Government has been lax in securing India’s borders. When will the Centre wake up?” This seems to be a question that should be asked to this BJP Government than its predecessors. As Congress party’s Vice President, Rahul Gandhi reminded the Government in his speech in Lok Sabha, the UPA Government, under the able Premiership of Dr Manmohan Singh, had brought peace to Kashmir, generated employment, brought them into the mainstream, and managed to isolate Pakistan diplomatically.

Instead of building on the good work of the UPA, PM Modi’s brand of jingoism and opportunistic politics has taken Kashmir to the precipice of reason. Today, our Jawans are being beheaded by Pakistan sponsored militants, thrice in six months, and ISIS and Pakistan flags are being unfurled openly. There have been nearly 1400 ceasefire violations. Who is responsible for this? Whom can the BJP blame apart from the visionless leadership of Shri Narendra Modi, under whose watch all this has come to pass?

Taken by his own empty rhetoric, Prime Minister Modi has undone the good work of successive Governments. His disdain for the good efforts of his predecessors is clear in his unravelling of India’s foreign policy. He has pushed Nepal into the arms of China. Russia, India’s friend for 70 years, has lifted its arms embargo on Pakistan, and China is going full steam ahead in its collaboration with Pakistan. Instead of isolating Pakistan, PM Modi has managed to isolate India in Asia.

India has been a proud nation. Since gaining Independence, India has striven to have an independent agenda and identity. This required the adroit diplomacy of our past Prime Ministers, from Pt Nehru to Dr Manmohan Singh, to work for the betterment of India. They strove to secure India’s place internationally and refused to reduce diplomacy to a photo opportunity.

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