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June, 1

Rahul Gandhi public address in Sangareddy in Telangana

The people of Telangana had a dream, that after achieving statehood, they would start having a say in the affairs of the state. The movement for Telangana was spearheaded by the students and the youth. They believed that once statehood was achieved, opportunities denied to them would be a thing of the past.

Addressing a public rally in Sangareddy in Telangana, Rahul Gandhi told the people that the Congress Party and its President, Smt Sonia Gandhi acknowledged and understood the concerns of the people of Telangana and Statehood was conferred to its people. Rahul Gandhi then asked the people, “There needs to much work to be done in the State? In this last 3 years has any of this work happened? Has the State Government taken the correct path to fulfil the aspirations of the people?”

Rahul Gandhi said that this was the land of truth. So he asked the Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) Chief Minister, for whom was he running his Government? Is he working for the youth, women, backward communities or for the land mafia and for contractors. This is a Government that is being run on the whims and fancies of a handful of people said Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi said, “In the last three years 2855 farmers committed suicide in Telangana. 100 farmers committed suicide in the Chief Ministers own constituency.” Waiving farmer loans is more than the simple act of wiping out loans, it is also providing them with access to banking facilities, a fact that is forgotten by TRS.

Shri Narendra Modi in the Centre and Shri K. Chandrashekhar Rao have made it a habit of making false promises to the people. PM Modi lied about 2 crore jobs every year and CM Rao it was jobs for every family. Unlike the BJP and TRS, the Congress Party believes in working and not fake promises. Rahul Gandhi said, “The way Smt Indira Gandhi had given jobs to 1 lakh youth in her constituency, we will ensure that Made in Telangana works and provides employment to the youth.”

BJP talks about fighting corruption, but they tried to dilute one of the most important bills to fight corruption in land, the Land Acquisition Act. Rahul Gandhi said, “Thrice the BJP tried to amend the law, and thrice the Congress Party thwarted them.” Much like the BJP in the Centre, the TRS Chief Minister wants to snatch away land from the farmer.

Rahul Gandhi said, “Congress Party doesn’t run the Government of one person. The Congress Party runs a Government with every MP, MLA, and Elected leader. We will listen to the voice of the people.”

Talking about CM KC Rao, Rahul Gandhi lamented, “The person whom the people trusted should have at least gotten on the right path. Sadly, that person has taken the wrong road and can’t feel the pain of the people nor hear their voice.”

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