India successfully launches the heaviest launch vehicle

June, 2017

New Delhi: India on 5th June, 2017 leapfrogged into a select group of nations having their own indigenous cryogenic engine technology, when the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully launched its heaviest launch vehicle, GSLV MkIII-D1, and placed GSAT-19, into a precise orbit.

The development of transport in India is a saga and the vision of the Congress party

May, 2017

Transport plays a very crucial role in Indian Economy. This was because of the efforts of the successive governments of the Congress that India was able to develop a strong network of Road, Railways, Aviation and Water transport. After independence India has progressed a lot as far as freight and public transport are concerned.

Veteran leaders of the Congress party and Congress government has the credit of establishing world class research institutes

April, 2017

Indian Research Institutes from varied aspects of life and sectors has surprised the whole world with their achievements. The veteran leaders of the Congress party and Congress government has the credit of establishing these world class research institutes.

World class educational institutes in India is the gift of Congress government

March, 2017

The Congress party and its visionary leaders have always considered quality education as a have for the society and these days if India is known globally for hub for higher education the credit must go to the Congress party, its top leadership. It’s really challenging to sum up the role of Congress party in a single article but we have tried to giv

Congress Government Took Decisions That Were In The Interest Of The Country And Were Aimed At Fortifying The Economy

February, 2017

After the Congress government led by Prime Minister P.V. Narsimha Rao lost power in elections, the BJP formed the new government. As usual during the non Congress governments, Indian economy once again found itself facing new challenges. Trends of economic slowdown were clearly evident in 1997.

Indian Economy is considered today as one of the leading economies of the world, its credit undoubtedly goes to the congress Party. whenever there is a noncongress government at the centre, the economy registers a slowdown

January, 2017

After freedom, the Congress Party provided a number of visionary prime ministers under whose guidance and leadership India achieved several milestones in the field of economic development. They set the pace of economic development of this country and thus proved their worth.


December, 2016

After independence, under the leadership of the first prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Congress government started to rebuild the country. Pandit Nehru through his visionary policies and inspiring leadership not only overcame serious challenges but also successfully put India on the path of progress.

The Congress government gave emphasis on industry and farming along with infrastructure development, education and health

November, 2016

When India got freedom in 1947, it inherited a very miserable situation. Colonialism destroyed economic and societal fabric and kept it isolated from modern industrial developments that were taking place across the world. Structural damages in economy and society carried out by the colonial rulers along with acute poverty, illiteracy, ruined

Congress governments took the responsibility of social changes and social welfare


For a country, a strong economy, people’s participation in economic activities and distribution of economic benefits according to socialistic pattern are very necessary. This forms the basis of a healthy democracy. During the British rule, the Indian National Congress was founded. From its inception, the economic policies adopted by the top leaders

Comprehensive policy prepared to unify tribals with the people of the country


After coming to power in 2014, the Modi government seems to be occupied in implementing policies that are detrimental to the poor, farmers and the adivasi-community (indigenous, tribals). The policy is to grab land and forests and to lease it out to corporate.

Congress accomplished its mission of women emancipation


Congress Sandesh Team
Indian democracy is held in high esteem. Being the largest democracy of the world it guarantees equal rights to every citizen and provides equal rights to women. Even though there are several challenges before our democracy regarding rights of women – crimes against women are on a rise particularly for the last few months; attempts

Contributions of the Congress to Social Reforms


Apart from bringing the colonial rule to an end, one of the main aims of the freedom movement was to obliterate social inequality and social evils. Right from its formation in 1885, the top leadership of the Congress Party started and supported various social-reform movements and this responsibility as a mission was carried forward generation after

Pt. Nehru Stems the tide of communalism


Congress Sandesh Desk
A democratic country can be called truly democratic only if there is no discrimination based upon religion, community, caste and colour. When the English fully realized that there was no way except leaving this country, they began to promote and conspire with the communal forces. Their deceitful efforts succeeded and at last India was divided on
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