Modi Rubs Salt On Farmers’ Wounds!

June, 2017


The farmers are up in arms. The country is burning with the fire of their anger and it is spreading like a wildfire from MP, Maharashtra, Rajasthan to Punjab and UP among others.

Modiji is boasting of daw ning a new India but is shooting the (food-givers) Annadata dead for demanding relief: Rahul Gandhi

June, 2017

Shri Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi : At least five farmers were shot dead on June 6 at a protest in Mandausar, Madhya Pradesh, during the farmers’ strike demanding a loan waiver. Several others with injured. A curfew was imposed in Mandausar and surrounding areas including Pipla Mandi that were epicentres of the protest.

Farmers nowhere on the government’s Agenda

June, 2017

Shri Rajendera Singh

The farmer agitation ravaging various parts of the country is legal and justified. My support is with them. It is the right of the farmers to raise their voice against injustice and means to improve it is their right.

Modi’s hubris stands exposed!

May, 2017


The tall talk of the Modi government at the centre and the national ‘euphoria’ generated by it through media hype of the so-called surgical strike stand exposed with the fresh outrage by Pakistan in which two Indian soldiers were beheaded and another injured by a Pakistani ‘border action team’ (BAT). The Pakistani troop sneaked into Indian territor

After decisive win, Macron to take over as new French President

May, 2017


New Delhi: Congress President, Smt. Sonia Gandhi has congratulated the President elect of the Republic of France, Mr. Emmanuel Macron on winning with an emphatic mandate. Congratulating the people of France, Smt. Gandhi said that India and France share common values of liberty and equality. She hoped that the time tested Indo-French relationship wi

Three years of Mis-governance of BJP-led government

May, 2017


Three years of the BJP-led government has been mired into chaotic governance, resorting to rhetoric, sloganeering, tall talks and misleading inferences. The Modi-led government has shown its mastery in hoodwinking the gullible countrymen by staking claims over credits on programme and policies originally pioneered by the Congress by repackaging the

Budget Session

April, 2017


In the Budget Session, about ten Bills were passed in the Rajya Sabha and GST was prominent in them. But whenever we thought that the Bill was bulldozed in the Lok Sabha due to their brute majority, we made Amendments is those very Bills in the Rajya Sabha and particularly in the Finance Bill

Statistics is growth: let’s eat statistics

March, 2017

Shri P Chidambaram

The Central Statistics Organisation (CSO) is an honourable institution. Dr. Pronab Sen, the former chief statistician, and Dr T C A Anant, the current chief statistician, are honourable men. Ordinarily, one should have faith in them. I do.

Serendipity and zemblanity

March, 2017

Shri A.S Pannerselvan

William Boyd in his 1998 novel, Armadillo, created an antonym for serendipity. He called it zemblanity. If serendipity implies pleasant discoveries by chance, zemblanity is “the faculty of making unhappy, unlucky and expected discoveries by design.” The novel revolves around these twin poles of serendipity and zemblanity, bringing out our daily lif

Five reasons why economists doubt India’s October-December GDP growth of 7%

March, 2017

Shri Raj Kumar Ray

India’s economic growth of 7% during October-December has sparked a debate on how output grew so fast at a time when the country was facing its biggest-ever cash crunch after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on November 8 the demonetisation exercise, which weeded out 86% of the currency notes in circulation

Disappointing Budget With no Device For growth And Job Creation: P. Chidambaram

February, 2017

Shri P Chidambaram

The Finance Minister presented the budget for 2017-18. It was his, and his government’s, fourth budget. I read through the 37-page, 184-paragraph budget speech and the 21-pages containing five appendices and an untitled section. It was a painful duty. At the end of the day, our conclusion is that the elaborate exercise has turned out to be a damp

Economic Mismanagement

November, 2016

Shri Anand Sharma

Due to demonotisation there has been economic mismanagement across the country for the last two days. Crores of people are standing in queues in front of banks. There is not a single bank branch where the poor

Anti-Higher Education and Anti-Employee Policies of Modi Government


When the whole teaching community was agitating against the dangerous UGC 3rd Amendment Gazette Notification 2016, Modi government announced UGC Pay Review Committee for implementing 7th Pay Commission for college/university teachers as a diversionary tactics. Its terms of reference itself was giving strong signal that the government is strongly pushing for privatization of higher education and drastic cut in teaching jobs. The questionnaire sent by the UGC Pay Review Committee to Vice Chancellors and Principals (overlooking teachers) clearly reflects the anti-higher education approach of the present regime.



In May 2004, Dr. Manmohan Singh-led Congress had started working on economic reforms and the effect of globalization could be seen clearly on the whole economy. Earlier, about 8 years ago when the country was being ruled by non-Congress governments, the flow of growth during and after the congress regime between 1991- 1996 then Finance Minister

Anti-Farmer and Anti-Poor Policies of Modi Government


Two years ago, the man called Narendra Modi, rising high on the tide of lofty rhetoric and tall promises of ushering India in a new era (Achhe Din) caught the fancies of gullible Indians and drove to power with a majority. But with two years down the line, those who believed Modi would really lead the country in the secure hands of destiny
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