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CWC Resolution - Quit India Movement  75th Anniversary on 8th August, 2017

Seventy five years ago, on this day, the Indian National Congress led by Mahatma Gandhi gave a Clarion Call for the immediate ending of British Rule in India. 75th Anniversary is an occasion to recall the historic struggle of the Indian People and the resolution adopted by the All India Congress Committee in Mumbai on 8th of August, 1942 launching the final and biggest battle for India’s freedom.
The ‘Quit India Movement’, was remarkable for the unprecedented, spontaneous, mass participation of all sections of the Indian People: Students, Women, Workers, Peasants, Government Officials and even Industrialists showing enormous courage despite the severe repression by the British Government.
This chapter of the glorious struggle of Indian People, is worth recounting as the CWC meets today to commemorate the epic struggle. It is worth remembering, that after the arrest of all National and Provincial leaders of the Congress, who were kept in jail for almost three years, the People of India rose as one, defied police firings and launched a mass Satyagraha and defiance Campaign that shook the foundations of the British Raj.
The Indian National Congress has striven relentlessly in the seventy five years since it asked the British to Quit India and to realize the dreams of those who fought for our freedom. Many of the ideals have indeed been realised, even if not in full measure: a secular and democratic Constitution which guarantees Fundamental rights, Freedom of speech and expression, economic growth with equity and rule of law. However, much remains to be done for the Socio economic emancipation of the disadvantaged, deprived and marginalized sections of our people. Indian National Congress, has always stood for a secular, democratic and inclusive India and reaffirms its commitment to strive for the upliftment of the poor and empowerment of the weak and the vulnerable.
The CWC, recalling the sacrifices of millions of our people and saluting the memory of thousands who laid down their lives, resolves to uphold, preserve and restore the ideals and values of the Indian National Movement.
Taking note of and expressing its grave concern over the planned and systemic assaults on the foundational values of the country, and the constitutional rights of our citizens, the Indian National Congress, 
re-dedicates itself to uphold and defend the idea of India as envisioned by the leaders of the freedom movement.
CWC on this historic day resolves anew to fight back and defeat the forces which seek to destroy our precious heritage.

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