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Press Release and attached photograph issued by Shri TN Prathapan, National chairman of All India Fishermen Congress 6-9-2017

The address of AICC vice president Shri Rahul Gandhi at the national executive meeting of All India Fishermen Congress.

The Congress party will make strong interferences to ensure fishing guarantee for the fishermen in the country Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said in his inaugural address of first national executive meeting of All India Fishermen Congress. It was the Congress led governments who have brought right information act, right to service act, vanavasi right act, food security act, employment guarantee programme. In this model new act should be formulated for the right of fishermen. All India Fishermen Congress will take the initiation to pressurize  Union government for actions. But it is clear that BJP led government is neglecting common men's lives and they are looting natural resources to corporates he added.

When the Congress comes to power new act will be brought to give the right of fishermen habitats to the fisheries communities of India. The Union  government should take up responsibility to give protection and safety to the life and wealth of traditional fishermen who risk their life for the sake of economy, nutritional food habits of nation, said Rahul Gandhi.

National chairman of All India Fishermen Congress Shri TN Prathapan presided over the session. AICC Gen. Secretary, Shri Janardan Dwivedi, AICC Treasurer Shri Motilal Vohra, In-charge Communication Deptt., AICC Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala, AICC SC cell Chairman, Shri K. Raju, AICC Secretary, Shri RC Khuntiya etc.  spoke on the occasion.

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