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Shri Rahul Gandhi

  • We intend to pass the women’s reservation bill hundred percent, says Rahul Gandhi
  • No point in India becoming a superpower, if the women are scared to travel alone in a bus
  • We will remove all barriers to movement of people and goods to ensure better connectivity within North East and of North East with the rest of India
  • Conflict can be resolved through listening, dialogue and compassion. We brought peace in Assam by following this ideology of Mahatma Gandhi.

Guwahati/JorhatFeb26–Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi assured women that the Congress party is committed to passingthe women’s reservation bill and that he is working towards ensuring greater opportunity and role for women in politics and governance.

“We intend to pass the women’s reservation bill hundred percent…I want to systematically bring women in every position,” said Mr. Gandhi in a lively and open discussion with hundreds of women in Jorhat. 

He added that there is no point of India becoming a superpower if the women are scared to travel alone in a bus. Women will be safe everyday only if you construct a society where they are respected, have power and voice, he said.

Earlier in the day, Mr Gandhi held an open dialogue with students from the region at Don Bosco University in Guwahati on setting the agenda for change in education and nation building.

Mr. Gandhi assured the people of the north-eastern states that the Congress party will remove all barriers to their movement. He also outlined his approach to conflict resolution which is set in the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi. Sharing his vision on education and nation building, he said that the education system must be centred on the students and that the mind is the biggest instrument for ushering change. 

He said cases like the killing of the young Nido happen because of intolerence and because there are barriers to movement of people. We will remove all barriers to movement of goods and people,” he said, adding that the Congress will work towards getting IT companies in the state and also create jobs through the proposed manufacturing corridors.
Drawing a sharpdistinction between the ideology of the Congress party and that of the opposition, he said that he believes in giving power to the people and listening to them, whereas the opposition believes in centralizing power into the hands of one man and crushing conflict. He cautioned the students and the youth against anger and hatred, which he said do not build and sustain nations. 

“If you look at Assam, 20 years ago there was conflict. Today it has reduced. This was achieved by including people in the discussion, embracing them and discussing their problems. One cannot solve problems by using force…we have to find solutions through talking and communication and empower people to fulfil their dreams.”

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