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Now turning to the other events of his tenure as the Congress President, factions in the party and especially in the States have kept the Congress President fruitlessly and vexatiously occupied. There have been serious factional fights, bordering on feuds, in particular in the States of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, etc. There are constant visits or rather visitations by the warring tribal leaders to the 4, Jantar Mantar Road—the official residence of the Congress President. The sights witnessed, have at times, been so unseemly that rival group leaders have been seen indulging in mud-slinging in constant streams of entry and exit to the Presidential house, at times on the same day. It has really been the case of, “If walls could speak.” The walls cannot speak and the discreet Congress President will not speak but the public painfully knows even from whatever has trickled through the press that the battle of mud-slinging has not been confined to the Jantar Mantar Road and has been played out very much in the open and in the State or the national arena. Kamaraj visited his old field of activity, Kerala, a number of times; but was accused of partisanship towards the Shankar group. The opposing group in Kerala, being distrustful, his successive missions have failed. The same was unfortunately the fate of his visits to the State of Uttar Pradesh and the Punjab. Noble advice does not always go well with bull-fighters; they believe in fighting to the finish but unfortunately the finish also does not ever seem to come to such thick headed fighters. This has been rampant and galore; inspite of Kamaraj's infinite patience with them all. Has the fault been with Kamaraj’s handling? The answer lies more with the, nature of the organisation than with Kamaraj. The Congress Party is a heterogeneous organisation consisting of the Right, the Left, the Right about turn, the Left about turn and without being disparaging but factual, it consists of persons with many turns and twists. The top leadership is acutely conscious of this sad state of affairs but it is humanly not possible to sort out immediately such a mixed cargo, without at times a destination.

In the pre-independence Congress, factions were there but a sense of idealism was the cementing force. There is no such idealism now apparent or latent. Admittedly, power lust is the order of the day with a number of them and there are perpetual contenders jockeying for power. With that as the daily battle order, it would well-nigh be an effort herculean in dimensions for any one—Kamaraj or for that matter many strong Kamarajs put together—to suppress this power and wander lust of the have-nots in the party, perpetually out to down the haves. In any organisation, there are always bound to be haves in the nature of things but the have-nots, on that account, are not nature bound to pull down the haves. In India, this state of affairs seems endemic. It is a sorry state of affairs but unfortunately true. A political party has to be united on the basis of a party programme and a party programme must, in turn, be based on some idealism or at least on ideal pragmatism. Both of them, are lacking at present and both could be provided by a leader of the standing and stature of Kamaraj. Lack of an effective opposition has also made the Congress Party complacent and content even with the hotch potch; even knowing that it is an untidy hotch potch. The clear need for action is now discernable in view of a perpetually confused state and malaise in the party and only on the basis of some idealism to live for and to work for can the party be invigorated. Kamaraj’s latest utterances, with their emphasis on sacrifice rather than on material benefit, are a pointer to the working of his mind in that direction.

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