BJP extorting money from private companies

Spokesperson: Shri Jairam Ramesh: He said that there was ‘Notebandi’ (demonetization) in 2016 and now a campaign is being run against the Congress Party by the Modi government, this is ‘Khatabandi’ (Ban on accounts). Efforts are being made to close all our accounts, but we are not afraid of it, we are fighting.

The topic I am raising today is a symbol of ‘HaftaVasooli’ (Extortion).

This is the politics of blackmail and the ED, CBI and Income Tax, these institutions have been misused.

We have raised three questions. One question is that you published a white paper on the economy, will you publish a white paper on recovery this week? Will you take the public in confidence that your Party has received donations, from where have they received donations? And this issue assumes even more importance because the Supreme Court has said that the electoral bond project is against our Constitution.

The second question we have raised is that if, as you claim, your financing is correct, the financing of the party is done with complete transparency, you do not need to hide anything.Can you deny that Rs. 335 croreshave come into BJP’s account in the last four years?

The third question we have asked is that if your intentions are pure, if you have not done anything wrong, will you accept a Supreme Court monitored investigation?

With this claim, you had announced electoral bonds, which, the Supreme Court has said was against the law and against the Constitution and has proved to be dangerous for the democracy. Friday, February 23, 2024