BJP resorting to Tax Terrorism against Congress

Shri K.C. Venugopal said- As per the latest information from the banks, the BJP government forced the banks with accounts of the Congress Party, Indian National Congress (INC) to transfer approximately Rs. 65.89 crores from our deposits to the government.

We are all law-abiding citizens’ Party, also like that on frivolous matters they are taking away our money. Basically, they are stealing our money from the banks. This is a clearly state of affairs to deny the minimum level-playing field for a political Party to fight an election.

This is clearly an attack on democratic principles and values and they are trying to shut the voice of the entire opposition. You people can understand this type of lower-level attack never happened in the democratic history of this country. BJP people are in a false paradise. We will fight it out. We are believing.

Shri Ajay Maken said- With great sadness I have to inform all of you and through you the people of the country that the BJP government has recovered Rs. 65.89 crores from the branches of five banks through demand drafts; In which Indian Youth Congress has four crore twenty lakh thirty-five thousand rupees, NSUI has one crore forty three lakh ninety eight thousand and the remaining about sixty crore rupees are from the accounts of AICC of Congress, which are in Bank of Baroda, Union Bank and Punjab National Bank – Money from these three banks was taken and also from the State Bank of India, where IYC and NSUI have their accounts.

I would like to tell you that political parties are exempted from income tax. But, we all pay income tax, Kharge ji also pays income tax, Rahul ji also pays income tax, we all individuals pay income tax, but political parties do not pay income tax.

Has BJP ever paid income tax till date, has Bharatiya Janata Party ever been penalized, has income tax ever been collected from them?

We expect from the Judiciary, we expect from the Tribunal that justice will be done to us, justice will be done to the democracy of our country. Thursday, February 22, 2024