BJP Resorting to Unprovoked Violence against Congress in Tripura

Spokesperson: Miss Alka Lamba: She said that the BJP is completely bent on indulging in political violence. If I talk about Tripura state where there is BJP government, there are elections in 2023 next year. Even Tripura is violence-stricken. Law-and-order has completely collapsed in Tripura and no one is safe there. Using power, BJP governments are trying to suppress the voices rising in the democracy.

I want to present a video to you. It is the Congress headquarters, the stage is set, the membership drive is about to start, but you see BJP goons carrying BJP flags, pelting stones at the Congress office. This is the same programme for which permission was given by the police just a four days ago. The eyewitnesses there say that Sushant Chaudhary, who is a minister of BJP and was leading the mob of BJP goons, was also working to instigate this mob.

That attack is carried out on the Tripura Congress President on February 23 at 11 am. On 23rd at 3 pm, Sudip Roy Burman ji, who was a member of BJP, former minister and MLA, and along with him, Ashish Kumar Saha was also a member and MLA of BJP. Very recently you must have seen that both the leaders - Sudip Roy Burman ji and Ashish Kumar Saha - not only resigned from the membership of BJP, but also resigned from their legislative assembly and met former Congress President Shri Rahul Gandhi in Delhi to take membership of the Congress; in view of the growing Congress’ support base in Tripura and the country. The BJP is completely shocked by how their own MLAs, their own leaders, who have lost faith and support within their own party, are leaving and joining the Congress. They cannot tolerate this.

On February 26, stone pelting was done at a public meeting we had outside the Congress headquarters for membership drive. And the police, instead of cracking down on the goons, this morning when I am talking to you, arrested three of our women workers from their homes at 6 am. But we want to ask as to why have you not arrested even one of the BJP goons who were pelting stones there at that time, which is also there in front of you as evidence in the video?

Not only this, in the evening of the same day, when there was a meeting again in the party headquarters regarding the entire series of events and the ensuing violence, there was stone pelting done once again. All the workers were locked up by the police at the Congress headquarters. When they were taken out, the police took them to the police stations after arresting them.

So, we have to say that law and order has collapsed, police administration is completely playing in the hands of BJP. This cycle of violence continues to prove that the BJP is lost and furious. The people, after going to the Supreme Court, to the High Court, are now asking for their security from the courts, leaving their hopes on the government. Our President of NSUI, Samrat of Tripura is seriously injured and admitted in the hospital. No political programme is being allowed anywhere. Wherever it is happening, the BJP government is trying to stop them by inflicting violence there. Section 144 has been imposed in some areas of Tripura. Under the freedom of a democracy, every political party is allowed to propagate its party, to speak but we have been denied the same. Citing that wherever there would be our meetings, there would be violence, we were denied any kind of permission by imposing section 144. While it is expected of you to stop this kind of violence. Sunday, February 27, 2022.