BJP’s 2024 political shopping bag is now full of Corrupt, Thugs and Opportunists!

Spokesperson: Shri Pawan Khera: He said that the Prime Minister often says, friends, I am exhausting myself for the public welfare. Although he does not appear to be consumed for the public, he is definitely seen to be consumed for ‘Janardhan’, the name of that person is Janardhan Reddy and he is the Janardhan about whom we are discussing today, even though he is involved in a scam of Rs. 35,000 crores. Even if there are 20 cases pending against that Janardhan, including CBI, even if that Janardhan has ruined India’s forests and mines by doing illegal mining, the Prime Minister will be seen harassing you for that Janardhan. His name is Janardhan Reddy.

Bellary brothers, you are journalists, you have been hearing these names for the last two-and-a-half decades. We are students of politics and we too have been hearing these names for the last three decades. There is a notorious gang by the name of Bellary brothers, they are an old ally of BJP.Former Chief Minister Yediyurappaji’s and Bellary Brothers’Jugalbandhi(Close Association) is very famous. Due to this Jugalbandhi, there was such a loot of illegal mining and export of iron ore that this pair was named ‘Yeddy-Reddy’ all over India, who became very famous for their notoriety.

Now that he has again joined BJP, CBI will now give him a clean chit. This person, who is a scamster of Rs. 35,000 crores, Janardhan Reddy, as soon as he joined BJP, said that I have returned to my roots. Now understand for yourself where and who is the root of corruption in this country? We are not saying, this scammer is saying that sir, I have returned to my roots.Why are the cases going on against the opposition leaders through ED and CBI? Why are their files open still?You had made huge claims to end corruption, have you taken many such steps with this one step, not that you have taken just one step, with these steps, can you not declare those claims as completely hollow? Well, these are our questions to you.

Now you ask the question, you will get all the annexures along with the press release in a short while and these are the annexures in which how the CBI did PE (Preliminary enquiry)and after that how the Government of Karnataka took what action, when our government was there and when if Modi Ji’s government was formed at the centre, then how were they saved?– Wednesday, March 27, 2024.