Congress rejoinder on utter lies in PM’s Parliament Speech

Spokesperson: Dr. Udit Raj: He said that now the time has come to tell the people of the entire country again and again. Congress tried to stop Dr. Ambedkar. Before independence, Dr. Ambedkar was elected to the Constituent Assembly from Khulna (West Bengal) and after independence, his membership in the Parliament ended. The Congress Party got him elected to the Parliament and not only this, he became a member of the Constituent Assembly, apart from this, when he became a member of the Drafting Committee, it is interesting to hear what Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar says. He says – “I am very surprised that I had thought serving my society by becoming a member of the constitution making committee, but here, I am made the Chairman.” Who did that - Congress Party, Nehru ji and Gandhi ji and it is said that Baba Saheb was insulted by Congress.

The RSS opposed the socialist pattern of society and wanted to move to the American model. In such a situation, not a single SC-ST, OBC would have been uplifted if the country had been run according to the ideology of Sangh, Hindu Mahasabha and today’s BJP.

Savarkar ji had even stated- what is the need to make the Constitution, let us implement ‘Manusmriti’. Modi ji does mention the letter sent by Nehru ji in 1961, but he does not talk about whether Nehru ji or Gandhi ji or Congress who brought Baba Saheb to the Constituent Assembly, gave him a chance, made him the Law Minister.

Reservation was given in 1990, Lal Krishna Advani ji protested against the OBCs by taking out a Rath Yatra and as a result of the same backward people’s protest against reservation, Vajpayee ji became the Prime Minister and Modi ji became the Prime Minister, otherwise BJP would never have emerged.

The second thing is that the government has been here for 10 years, brother, you did lateral entry recruitment for IAS, there is not a single SC, ST, OBC in it, you lie so much.Apart from the number of jobs given in Public Sector Undertakings since 2014, 30 lakh posts are lying vacant.

There is one SC and one ST vice chancellor in 43 universities. 159 top institutions of India belong to the Government of India and there is not a single director from SC or ST, not even a single one. Today they talk about the upliftment of SC, ST and OBC. So, Modi Ji’s false speech has a rejoinder today. Thursday, February 8, 2024