Congress supports farmers’ agitation

Spokesperson: Shri Randeep Singh Surjewala: He said that today, the BJP central government and the BJP governments of Haryana-Rajasthan-Uttar Pradesh have converted the country’s capital Delhi into a ‘police cantonment’, as if an enemy has attacked the power in Delhi.

  1. Delhi has been ‘fortified’ all around.
  2. Neighbouring Haryana’s BJP government has dug a ten feet deep and fifteen feet wide trench between Ratia and Budlada Road, between Punjab and Haryana.
  3. There is Ghaggar river between Punjab and Haryana and there is a bridge over Ghaggar river on which nails and spears have been erected.
  4. Internet services have been completely suspended in the entire Haryana-Punjab, Rajasthan adjacent to Delhi and the districts adjacent to Delhi in Uttar Pradesh.Verbal instructions have been given in the districts around Delhi that not more than ten litres of diesel will be put in any farmer’s tractor.

We have only these questions for the cruel and arrogant rulers in power in Delhi-

  1. Can the country’s ‘Annadata’ farmers and farm laborers now not come to the country’s capital Delhi to seek justice?
  2. Does the government believe and think that the farmer is coming to attack the power of Delhi or wants to capture the power by force?
  3. If the country’s ‘Annadata’ cannot seek justice from the Prime Minister and the country’s government, then where shall he go?
  4. When the farmers’ movement is completely peaceful, and when the previous farmers’ movement that lasted for years was also peaceful, why are the bayonets and guns of the police and paramilitary soldiers pointed towards the chests of the farmers?
  5. Does the ruler of India no longer hear the pain of the country’s soil, the pain of the farmers and the moaning voice of India? Tuesday, February 13, 2023