Corrupt Karnataka BJP government

Spokesperson: Dr. L. Hanumanthaiah, Dr. Syed Naseer Hussain, Shri DK Suresh and Shri GC Chandrashekhar: Dr. L. Hanumanthaiah said, “Friends, good evening to everybody. In this hot sun, we have come to give you a very unpleasant thing, which is happening in Karnataka under the BJP government. So, the Karnataka Contractors Association President by name one Shri Kempanna has written, first, he addressed the press in Karnataka saying that the Government officials and the politicians of Karnataka, the ministers and others in Karnataka, the BJP government are demanding 40 per cent commission in the contract, whichever is given to the contractors and we are finding it very difficult to manage this big corrupt practice of Karnataka, that is the first point.

The recent thing one Shri Santosh Patil from Belgaum district has conducted the contract work of about 4 crores in Hindalga Gram Panchayat. He has done all the work and the assurance of the Minister Shri KS Eshwarappa, who is Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister, who had said- you conduct the work, we will release the funds. Accordingly, he has done the work. Subsequently, when he went for the Minister asking for release of the funds, his associates asked Shri Santosh Patil to give 40 per cent out of 4 crore work, which he has done. He has given Rs. 15 lakh, which he has said- I have given Rs. 15 lakhs, but the Government is not ready, the associates of the minister are not ready to accept it. They are demanding 40 per cent of the amount of contract, which I have done. See, the next part is, he has visited the Minister 80 times that is what, he has claimed- 80 times, I have visited, but nothing has happened. In continuation of that not only meeting the minister, the minister says- I have not seen him, nobody has met me, I have nothing to do with him, I will go into filing a case, this is what the Minister says and that is another kind of threatening.

Afterwards, he is a BJP worker. Shri Santosh Patil is the National Secretary of Hindu Vahini Organisation. He has done the work and others will not be given the work, as you know and afterwards, he has come to Delhi to complain about his problem. He has met Giriraj Singh, who is the minister in Central Cabinet and he has written a letter to the Prime Minster, Prime Minister’s office and he has met the In-charge, General Secretary of Karnataka, i.e. Shri Arun Singh and he has also met the RSS Chief i.e. Shri Santosh, who is here in Delhi, looking after the organisation of the BJP. None of them have taken any action so far. He is today also apprising the press that I have not been given justice. My money is not being released. I have taken that money on interest. I am not able to pay the interest and I am not able to get back my money, which I have invested in the contract. This is the request of that BJP worker.

See, it is to our surprise that we were expecting that the Prime Minister will immediately react in such cases, sensitive cases. When about 4 years back, the Karnataka Government was there and we were going for elections, the same Prime Minister came to Karnataka and alleged that Karnataka Government, Shri Siddaramaiah Ji’s government that this is also a commissioned government, but today, when 40 percent is demanded and the contractors are open, it is an Organisation registered, Contractor’s Association involving 50 thousand contractors under registered organisation working in Karnataka for the last so many years. They have not cared for their complaint and not even cared for the complaint of their own party workers and we demand, the Congress Party demands that the Prime Minister should open his mouth and tell the country, whether Karnataka’s corrupt government is going to be punished or not?

And we also demand sacking of the government and also demand that people, who are involved in the corruption, action should be taken against them, otherwise, the whole country will look at it. We have come to Delhi to address this issue which is Karnataka’s issue and telling the whole country, BJP governments are not only corrupt, more corrupt; they are demanding 40 per cent commission. We also earnestly request the people of Karnataka that please take the cognizance of these kinds of activities of this corrupt government and teach them a lesson in the coming elections, that is our demand. Monday, March 28, 2022