Desperate unemployed youth forced to risk lives in war zones of Russia and Israel

Spokesperson: Shri Kanhaiya Kumar: Many of you must have received information that 20 Indian youth have been held hostage in Russia. Why are they being held hostage – Because,as such, there was a dead period going on already for the youth in our country and now, the dead period has started for the Indian youth, who are not getting employment, in foreign countries as well. Indian youth have been forcibly kept hostage there. Among them, a young man from Gujarat in civilian work... has died tragically and there is silence all around on this sensitive subject.

So, when it comes to publicity and photos, the publicity minister becomes active, and if there is any topic related to the country, any topic related to the youth, then he goes on silent mode. This is an extremely serious topic! Why do Indian youth have to go to fight in another country, in another country’s war?

It is directly linked to the future of the youth which is being toyed with in our country, the way they are facing the brunt of unemployment and you all know that the unemployment rate has almost doubled in the last 10 years. There has never been so much unemployment in the history of the country in 45 years. - Friday, March 01, 2024.