PM Modi Skipped Real Issues raised by Congress Leaders

Spokesperson: Shri Mallikarjun Kharge, LoP (Rajya Sabha); Shri Gaurav Gogoi, Dr. Syed Naseer Hussain and Shri Shaktisinh Gohil: Shri Mallikarjun Kharge said that there were many irrelevant things that were there in the felicitation by the Prime Minister Modi ji on Rashtrapati Ji’s address in our Rajya Sabha today. When we approve the Motion of Thanks on Rashtrapati Ji’s address, at that time we expect the government to give its point of view, give details of its actions, but there was nothing like that in that speech and it has always been the case. How did the government react to the speech he gave last year? How he resolved those issues, what he is going to do this year, it is a kind of a far-sighted vision document. It is discussed and he mentions what is to be done further. But this time it was nothing like that.

But Rahul Gandhi ji highlighted his shortcomings even in the Lok Sabha. Rahul Gandhi Ji raised his voice against inflation, against unemployment. He spoke about Chinese aggression, how and what mess China is making with us and how is it going to harm us and what are the shortcomings of the foreign policy and how are we going to move forward, keeping the country together? Apart from this, because of this Federal System of Government, Union of India, we have to help each other to take the country forward. It is imperative to take all the states into confidence to make such a country. He made his point keeping all this in mind.

Even the data provided in their Economic Survey answers our questions. It was on that basis that we asked. But he did not answer it, did not give any figures and did not argue about the figures that he told. They only pass sarcastic remarks on what Nehru Ji did. Your first Prime Minister said this and how many times has he spoken. If you want to speak, then go and speak in rallies, if you have something to say for votes, then say it. But this is the House, in which people’s expectations are to know what else the government is going to do, for the youth, for employment, for the poor, for the welfare scheme.

All I wanted to say is about the audacity of the Prime Minister and the things he should not have said, the first Prime Minister, Nehru Ji, is respected by the whole world. He never demanded, never declared himself a world guru. I will say this first Modi ji, today 52 crore people want to work, they do not have any employment. You had promised to double the income of the farmers, but did not say anything on that too, there are many such things. I don’t repeat, but he only used the platform against Congress, the platform of Rajya Sabha and Lok Sabha. He did what he had to do to win elections in the 5 states. But the important issues were ignored. So, we want to put these things in front of you and make them clear. Tuesday, February 8, 2022