Why is ED silent on Paytm

Spokesperson: Ms. SupriyaShrinate: She said that I have already shared multiple pictures here of selfies, of newspaper ads, of cash return. As far as the Modi movie is concerned, if you remember, in Uttarakhand the Prime Minister spoke about 15 percent cashback up to Rs.200 on a movie that was made on him, if you bought the tickets through Paytm.ThePaytm payment bank was found to be flouting rules, from the time it was conceptualized, from the time it got a banking license. There are various things that the RBI found out. 35 crore Paytm bank’s wallets were probed, 31 crores of them were found to be non-operational, KYC was not done, questions of money laundering have arisen. Same PAN card was attached to thousands of accounts at the same time.

The relationship between Paytm and Paytm payments bank and various group companies has come to fore. So, these are very-very serious allegations including the one about money laundering.

The Chinese investment and the possibilities of data having been shared with Chinese companies, as far as Paytm is concerned, has raised a huge cause of concern.

Money laundering is a very serious probe and a very serious allegation that has been labelled against Paytm, what is ED doing about it? How much money has Paytm given to BJP and to the PM cares fund? Have they been let lose because of the donations that they have made, apart from their closeness to Mr. Modi?Why is it that everybody associated with Mr. Modi sees no probe? Whether it is Mr. Adani or whether it’s Vijay Shekhar Sharma or Paytm.These are some very substantial questions and I think, one deserves to know what the Government of India is doing about it? Monday, February 5, 2024