BJP Speakers and Spokespersons engaged in Sabotaging Harmony by Resorting to Unrestrained Prattle

  • Dr. Archana Sharma

Through its statement (observation) given in relation to the appeal made by the BJP spokesperson in the past, the Hon’ble Supreme Court has given strength to the democratic values of the country once again. Since the year 2014, a conspiracy to disturb the communal harmony in the country is being hatched in a systematic manner by the centrally occupied establishment. As a result of which, the speakers and spokespersons associated with BJP are engaged in sabotaging harmony by resorting to unrestrained prattle. One of the similar statements made by the BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma has become discomfiting for the country at the international level, which led the BJP organization to do away with it by calling the said spokesperson a ‘fringe’. But it has also become clear that the BJP believes that its spokespersons who give statements, come under the category of ‘Vermin’ (the enemies of society).

On one hand, the Central Government apologized to Arab countries for Nupur Sharma’s statement, while on the other hand, their suspended spokesperson is claiming that she has full support of the Home Minister, the BJP President, including senior BJP leaders and Chief Ministers, which is evident of the dual and dubious nature of BJP’s being. Nupur Sharma’s statement created a religious frenzy across the country - a belief- seconded even by the Hon’ble Supreme Court itself. Despite this, BJP leaders and workers are playing dirty politics by making the brutal murder of Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur a political issue. BJP has not been able to justify its role as opposition in Rajasthan state, so on the basis of this unfortunate development, it is creating daily propaganda to create social disintegration. It is a well-known fact that Rajasthan is one of the peace-loving states of the country and there prevails harmony and brotherhood; every time Congress rules here. As a result, the murderers were caught by the police within one and a half hours and the government gave financial assistance of 51 lakhs to provide financial support to the family and has ensured to give government jobs to both of the victim’s sons. Rajasthan government’s steps to maintain law and order as well as showing sensitivity have been appreciated all over the state, but the state BJP is making every effort to broil agitation among the people. It should be noted that the main accused involved in the murder has attended many events along with the BJP Leader of Opposition and former Home Minister Shri GulabchandKataria, and their photos are also publicly available.

The above barbaric massacre is synonymous to a terrorist incident. The killers are linked to international terrorist organizations, which has been proved in the investigation by the SIT formed by the state government and the state government is also fully cooperating in the NIA investigation. The Congress government of the state and the general public want the perpetrators of the said incident to be punished as soon as possible and the government is also working at a speedy pace to ensure it.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Shri Ashok Gehlot has made a public appeal that the Prime Minister of the country should appeal to maintain peace in the country so that such incidents do not recur. Today, there is a dire need for the country’s democratic values to remain intact and communal harmony to be maintained. It is the responsibility of the Central Government of the country to ensure all this, but it is unfortunate that the BJP-ruled Central Government, behaving naïve and ignorant like an ostrich, is unable to control the deteriorating environment in the country.

The entire country is proud of the country’s judiciary which acts as our guiding light in calamitous times. The Hon’ble Supreme Court has given direction to the misguided government by urging Nupur Sharma to apologize to the country. Now, what is left for us to see is BJP’s priority - whether it is the electoral politics or the country. The Congress government of the state is determined to maintain peace and order in Rajasthan and is fully capable of putting an end to the vicious circle of the BJP.

(The writer is the Chairperson of the Social Welfare Board, Government of Rajasthan)