The BJP and its shenanigans are working to polarize, divide and spread hatred

  • Randeep Singh Surjewala

BJP’s statement saying, “strongly against any ideology which insults or demeans any sect or religion” is nothing but a blatantly counterfeit pretence, which is evidently farce and another sham attempt at damage control. This is what is called “Nau sau Choohekhaakebilli haj ko chali.” (Steal a goose and give giblets in alms.)

The BJP and its shenanigans have repeatedly & by design insulted India’s centuries’ old civilizational ethos of ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ by constantly pitting one community and religion against another to polarize, to divide and to spread hatred.

The intrinsic character of the BJP and the Modi Government is now founded upon religious violence, divisive conservatism and nurturing hatred to secure vote-bank politics. None less than the Prime Minister and the BJP Chief Ministers, of the ilk of Adityanath, have created a new dictionary to garner votes. They have introduced a new political vocabulary of State sponsored division of Society i.e. “Shamshan-Kabristan”, “80 vs. 20”, “bulldozer”, “Garmi Nikaalna” (To puncture one’s arrogance). The language of politics in elections no longer centers around phrases like “Development”, “Employment”, “Progress”, “Education”, “Agriculture”, “Irrigation”, “Electricity”, “Trade and Business”, “Infrastructure” etc. It is now entirely centered upon creating, propagating, promoting and executing a wedge between religions and communities based on what they wear, what they eat, how they live, how they celebrate their religion or even how they speak.

The truth is that the BJP has pushed India into a dark age of religious polarization to subserve its parochial political agenda in the short term. Its leaders as well as workers have perpetrated only one thing and that is creating a schism in India’s universally celebrated idea of ‘Unity in Diversity’.

The BJP and its leadership need to rethink the irreparable damage being caused to the polity by their insatiable lust for power. Resultantly, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians as also SC, ST and OBC’s have had to face the wrath of lumpen elements backed by State Power. This cannot be the central theme of any political party.

The placatory expulsion of two key members and spokespersons of the BJP from its primary membership, done obviously under duress of threats from external powers, exposes the much touted ‘Muscular Posturing ‘and positioning of the BJP and the Modi Government.

Is the BJP sincere in course correcting? Is the BJP trying to atone for its immeasurable sins or is it more chameleon like posturing? Will the bulldozing of India’s soul, its ethos and its all-encompassing humanity by the bulldozer of hatred finally stop? Will the mob-lynching of our Constitutional ethos cease? Is repentance by the BJP and its leadership possible? A short statement by the BJP is unlikely to heal the millions of wounds inflicted on the ethos of Indianness.

The question is- Is the BJP serious about improving its methods? Is the BJP changing its colorsjust like a chameleon instead of repenting of its crimes? Will the ‘Bulldozer of Hatred” stop crushing India’s soul, ideology and the inclusive tradition of humanity?

A small statement by the BJP will not heal the lakhs of wounds inflicted on the principle of Indianness. This is a lesson for those, who mean nothing more than a pawn in this political chess and who will be used and thrown away like anything.

The country also wants to know that 1. Who gave the ruling BJP the right to attack the image of the country to fulfill its political interests? 2. Is it not correct that the BJP spokesperson kept saying that she has the support of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister? Then why was she relieved? 3. Is the BJP leadership pushing the country into the dark ages of communal polarization to serve narrow political interests? 4. What is the reason that the FIR was not registered for inciting religious sentiments by expelling BJP leaders from the party? 5. Does the BJP know that about 320 lakh people of Indian origin live and work abroad, of which 150 lakhs are in Gulf countries? 6. Is it true that in the year 2021, these Indians sent back 6 lakh crore rupees to the country, which is more than the total income tax? 7. Is it true that India’s exports to only 4 Gulf countries are more than 3 lakh crores? Is the BJP not attacking the livelihood of our farmers and traders? 8. What is the reason that a foreign country canceled the banquet in honor of our respected Vice President? 9. What is the reason that advisories are being issued by many countries to our ambassadors and ambassadors are calling BJP spokespersons to be‘fringe elements’? The truth is here - BJP is hurting the honor of the country with its actions and defenestrating its spokesperson under pressure from foreign countries to do the least to do away with embarrassment. But... when will the Constitution be complied with? When will all the citizens be seen as equal? When will you fulfill the ‘Rajdharma’?

The nation wants to know. Based on two press briefings.