A Government Adrift

Covid and the devastation that has come with it has exposed the utter incompetence of the Modi Government. The government appears to have no understanding about the situation the Country is in, it has no idea about how to tackle the many issues facing the common man and it does not have the humility or humanity needed to comfort our people. The list of issues they are failing to recognize and act upon is long and depressing.

They slept through the second wave of Covid. The Country took care of itself even as Modi ji and his team were engrossed in elections. 3.5 lac people have officially lost their lives in the 2 waves of this pandemic. The actual number of lives lost are sure to be many times higher. The pandemic has taken the lives of sole bread-earners and left families hungry, it has taken the lives of parents and left children orphaned, it has taken the life of young sons and daughters and left elderly parents uncared for. We hear not a word from Modi ji and his government about how they plan to help those whose lives have been torn apart by the pandemic.

As various states slowly emerge from their lockdown, they are confronted by economic devastation in every direction. Manufacturers have had to shut operations, small businesses have gone under, lacs have lost jobs, migrants have had to abandon their homes and daily wage earners are starving. We are staring at an economic and humanitarian crisis. We hear not a word from Modi ji on how the Indian people will rebuild their livelihoods.

Our vaccine policy is in shambles. At this point, less than 5% of our people are fully vaccinated. Modi ji did not invest in vaccine manufacturing and procurement. He used the little vaccines we had for his publicity-drive and he got into petty arguments with state governments. The net result is that the critical armour needed to protect our people, in case of a third wave, is missing. Modi Ji’s response is to use all available vaccines to set a World record on one day and leave us with no more vaccines the very next day. There is no word from Modi ji on when the crores of doses needed to vaccinate the Country will arrive.

As we unlock, people are once again thronging public spaces. There is already talk of new deadly variants. When these unvaccinated people mingle, another round of infections is bound to happen. There is no sign that Modi ji sees this threat. There are no guidelines on how infections will be tracked, monitored and isolated.

Meanwhile, fuel prices are beyond our imagination and inflation is sky-rocketing. The already suffering common men and women are being further crushed by these prices. Again, not a word from Modi ji on how people are expected to keep their kitchen fires burning in this time.

Every day this government gives further proof of its ignorance, incompetence and inhumanity. The Modi government has got to go.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.