A Moral Victory for the People of India

For 10 years, an autocratic dictatory believed that he could use the might of money, power and hate to crush the voice of the people of India. He and sponsors in the RSS and big businesses thought they could steal India’s wealth, destroy India’s institutions, crush every form of dissent and treat India’s people like slaves. They felt that they could do all of this and the people would be powerless against them.

The people of India have proven them wrong. They have shown these people drunk with power that it is impossible to crush the voice of the people. The people of India have ensured that Modi and his nefarious partners no longer have unchecked power over India, its institutions and its people. They showed many ministers of the Modi government their place and evicted the BJP from many places they felt they could never lose. Even Modi ji was barely able to hold on to his seat in Varanasi. It is noteworthy that Modi Ji’s margin in Varanasi is less than the margin by which the Congress has won Amethi. Meanwhile, Rahul ji won by record margins in both Rae Bareli and Wayanad. The people of India also propelled the Congress to a powerful showing and brought the Congress back as the unquestioned leader of the resistance to fascism and dictatorship.

Modi Ji blatantly abused the power of the government. He froze the bank accounts of the Congress, put opposition leaders in jail, threatened opponents with the ED and CBI and used all the vast financial resources at his disposal to crush democracy. Modi ji and his people spewed hate and attempted to divide the people of India all through the campaign. But for these blatantly unconstitutional acts, there is no doubt that the people of India would have evicted Modi ji from government. But even despite these hurdles, we have managed to teach Modi ji a lesson he will not soon forget.

We must not lose momentum. The Congress, led by Congress President Kharge ji, CPP Leader Sonia Gandhi ji and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi ji is resurgent. The people have embraced us and stood by us in this struggle against dictatorship. They are looking towards us to lead the movement and finish what has begun in 2024. Very soon, we will have a ‘Fascism-mukt’ Bharat. u Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.