A Murderous Mix of Inhumanity, Arrogance and Incompetence

A Murderous Mix of Inhumanity, Arrogance and Incompetence

Narendra Modi is synonymous to a Murderous Mix of Inhumanity, Arrogance and Incompetence. No words can capture the pain of the nightmare India is going through. Sick people and their loved ones are running from pillar-to-post trying to find a hospital bed. Those in hospitals are desperately searching for medicines and oxygen. Those who have tragically died have been waiting in long queues to be cremated. Fear and utter helplessness are everywhere. Nothing seems to be in control; Everything is chaotic.

Covid 19 is a product of nature. But consider the following aspects of the Modi Government’s performance:

• When Corona came a year back, it became clear that beds with ventilators and Oxygen were critical to saving lives. One year back, on April 1,2020, an Empowered Group of Officers presented a report to officers including those from the Niti Ayog and PMO saying that we would face Oxygen shortages and that we needed to ramp up production. In October, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health flagged a similar concern. Inspite of this, the Modi Government did nothing to ramp up production of oxygen or to arrange beds, instead it allowed the export of 9,300 Metric Tonnes of Oxygen, an increase of 734% in 2 years.

• Vaccinating a majority of our population is the only way to protect India against the virus. Instead of vaccinating our own people, Modi ji has celebrated ‘Festivals’ and gifted vaccines to other countries. As a result, only 1.7 crore Indians, just 1.5% of our population has been vaccinated. Modi ji grandly announced that vaccination will be open to all from the age group of 18-45 from May 1, 2021 but where will the vaccines for these people come from? We simply do not have those many doses. And why are we making people pay for these vaccines?

• What have the Modi Ji’s priorities in the last year been? Buying new planes for the Prime Minister for Rs. 8,400 crores, building a new Parliament building for 20,000 crores, building a new stadium in Ahmedabad in his own name, selling off the assets of the Indian people to a few crony capitalists and enslaving the Indian farmers. Rather than wasting time on his own ego and destructive agenda, should he not have spent the time and money in building the hospitals needed to treat patients?

• As the second wave started picking up in March, rather than focusing on alerting our citizens, securing the Country and preparing infrastructure to combat Covid, our Prime Minister was busy encouraging the ‘Kumbh Mela’ where lacs gathered with no protection of any kind and addressing massive public gatherings for his election campaign. Even after Rahul ji cancelled his own rallies and asked others to introspect, Modi Ji’s super-spreader rallies did not stop.

• Modi Ji is personally responsible for the deaths of thousands of people perishing around the Country. It is his inhumanity, arrogance and negligence that has resulted in this situation. He has no moral authority left to lead the Country.

Finally, we must acknowledge our deepest gratitude to the essential services staff of our Country who are soldiering on in these disastrous conditions to serve people. The Nation will forever be indebted for their selfless service to humankind.

Jai Jagat. Jai Hind. Jai Congress.