A Second Struggle Against Colonization

The events of the past month have made it clear that India is once again a colony. Our free and proud Nation has been colonized by the unholy nexus of the RSS-BJP and their handful of industrialist friends. They are treating India as their personal colony to loot and plunder as they wish. They are leaving a trail of crime, destruction and suffering in their wake.

The latest sign of our colonization was the report on the Adani empire by a research and investment company. This research firm called what Adani has been doing “the largest con in corporate history”. The research firm accuses them of, “brazen stock manipulation and accounting fraud”. ‘Brazen’ means without fear of any consequence or answerability. The Adani Group was able to fool investors, get public assets cheaply and commit fraud without any worry about being investigated or stopped by the Government because what they were doing was blessed, sanctioned and encouraged by Modi ji and his ministers.

Then came the budget. Whereas the Congress waged a war on poverty and gave India the slogan of ‘Garibi Hatao’, the BJP is waging a war on the poor, their slogan seems to be ‘Garib Hatao’. This budget may be the most anti-poor budget in India’s history. No mention was made about the suffering of the common woman, unemployment, spiralling prices and falling standards of living. Allocation for sectors such as health, education, social justice and poverty alleviation which are crucial in raising people out of poverty have either been left unchanged or even cut. The programmes that helped raise people out of poverty are no longer a national priority. To make matters worse, allocations to programmes such as ‘Right to Food’ and ‘MGNREGA’ that the poorest rely on to stay alive have been slashed. This is a direct and vicious attack on the right to life and dignity of the poorest Indians.

It is no wonder that the Modi Government has created a deeply unequal India in which the top 1% control 40% of India’s wealth; leaving vast numbers of people in desperate poverty and misery. But this month, we also saw the rays of hope. The ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’ concluded with a rousing reception in Kashmir. Rahul Ji’s historic address in snowbound Srinagar, the vast numbers of people from all over the Country who stood in solidarity with the Yatra and the re-energized Congress cadre are all indications that the end of our suffering is near. The Congress led India to drive out our foreign masters, we will now lead India to freedom from our home-grown colonizers too.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.