An Elected Dictatorship

A Country does not simply become a democracy by conducting elections. Democracy requires that the representatives elected in these elections have a voice in Parliament and State legislatures. It requires that these houses of the people recognize and discuss the burning issues of the day and eventually choose a path based upon discussion, dialogue and accommodation. The events of the last session of Parliament make a mockery of this process and show that we no longer live in a democracy. We have elections but our country is run like dictatorship. We are electing Parliamentarians, but they are not being allowed to speak. The Country is being run at the whims and fancies of the Prime Minister and his unelected masters in the industry and the RSS.

‘The Pegasus Scandal’ is the one scandal of national importance. Hundreds of Indian citizens have been spied upon by a software installed by a foreign company. These revelations should shake every Indian to the core. It presents fundamental challenges to our Constitution and our Democracy. It jeopardizes the privacy of our citizens. It compromises national security by transmitting sensitive conversations to foreign agencies. It raises serious questions about the external threats faced by the Country and how we should respond. But the other interesting fact about Pegasus is that it can only be sold to National governments. This raises even deeper issues. Is the government spying on its own people, especially political opponents? Who in the government is authorizing this? What accountability exists for the gathering and use of this data? How can we expect to have a free and fair democracy if the government uses its power to watch and control its opponents? These issues scratch to the core of our rights as individuals, freedom as people and sovereignty as nation. Can there be a more pressing issue to be openly discussed and debated in the Parliament? This is exactly what the opposition, under the leadership of the Congress Party asked for. But the demand for a discussion on Pegasus was rejected by the Government. Every other major country where spying using Pegasus has been reported has instituted debates and independent inquiries. But in India, the Government refuses to even acknowledge that the issue exists. To accept the Government’s arrogance would have been a betrayal of the mandate that people sent us to the Parliament with. The opposition therefore took the only honorable route left for them and protested till their voices were heard.

By running away from the debate, the Government has proven that it has something to hide. It is becoming increasingly clear that the Government is desperately trying to cover up the terror tactics they use to intimidate opponents and maintain their grip on power. But the people of India are wise. They see and understand everything. They will soon communicate their anger at the ballot box. Modi ji, your reign of destruction will soon come to an end.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.