BHARAT JODO: The Congress Party’s historic call from Udaipur

The Congress is not merely an election fighting machine. It is a political idea that emerges from profound love for India and its people and a political Party that commits itself to do everything required to bring justice, unity and progress to the Indian people. One aspect of this role as the guardian of India’s Constitutional revolution is that the Congress has from time-to-time reinvented itself and the politics of its time in response to the demands of times and challenges facing the Country.

We are in such a time of momentous challenges. Power has been captured by vicious and ruthless monopolists who have strangled our institutions and made them slaves of their nefarious agendas. The social fabric of the Nation is being shredded with people being pitted against each other on the basis of religion, caste, language and region. It is no surprise that in such a divided and captured Country, the economy is crumbling, prices are sky-rocketing, the Rupee is falling and unemployment is rampant. The institutions of democracy that should correct the course of the Nation are now under the sway of the very forces that have captured the rest of the Country. India is in severe crisis.

It is under these difficult circumstances that the Indian National Congress conducted its ‘Chintan Shivir’ in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Over 400 delegates from around the Country had deep discussions about the state of the Country, the issues within the Party and our responsibility in this time. The result was a comprehensive and yet very focused declaration that lays out the path to both re-energize the Party and evict the forces that have captured our Country.

Nearly 80 years ago, the Congress began a movement with the slogan ‘Bharat Chhodo’. From Udaipur, we have begun a new movement with the slogan ‘Bharat Jodo’! Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.