Defending India’s National Architecture

Shri Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Parliament during the discussion on the ‘Motion of Thanks’ will be remembered by posterity as a defining moment in the Nation’s political history. It was a deeply honest, insightful and fearless speech that laid bare both – where the Country is today and how we must move forward. It was a commitment to the defence of the motherland by a true patriot and a call to action to all those who love India.

Shri Rahul Gandhi’s analysis was not just another recitation of the many ways in which the RSS and Narendra Modi have failed India, it was instead an incisive assessment of how in their ignorance and arrogance they have put at risk the very architecture upon which India stands. He rested his case upon three deeply thought-through and well-argued observations.

He first pointed out that Modi ji had split India into 2 vastly unequal Nations. The top 100 Indians today have as much wealth as the 55 crores at the bottom of the pyramid. Into the hands of this very small but vastly influential India has been concentrated the unprecedented levels of economic and political power. The other India, vast, voiceless and increasingly desperate has been systematically attacked and demolished by Modi Ji’s policies. The small and medium enterprises, the farmers, the labourers, the small traders and the unorganized workforce that make up this India has been crushed and their wealth has been transferred to the powerful. As a result, poverty, destitution, unemployment and hopelessness are rampant.

His 2nd point was about failure of the RSS and Modi to understand the nature of India’s political architecture. India is made up of diverse people with a deep self-respect. The only way to govern India is through conversations, mutual respect and the building of consensus. The Constitution describes this architecture as that of a Union of States. The RSS and Narendra Modi, in their lust for power, refuse to see this. They imagine themselves as Emperors who will lord over and dictate the workings of this vast and proud collection of people. This attitude of the Government has torn apart the institutions designed for India to operate as a collective.

His final point was that this shredding of the National fabric and the tearing apart of the relationships of the heart that made up India has weakened us like never before. We are weak internally and that has resulted in weakness externally. Our primary opponents have united to exploit India’s vulnerability. This, he warned was the gravest threat India had encountered in the last several decades.

Apart from the robust substance, the speech stood out for its remarkable tone. It was oration of a true statesman. He exuded confidence and he spoke from the heart. He spoke not as a politician attempting to score points but as a son of the soil with a deep concern for the future of his country.

There is no doubt that Shri Rahul Gandhi has won the hearts of the crores who have seen this speech and reinforced his position as the leader, who will guide India out of her morass and once more towards unity and progress.

It is the duty of every Congress-person and true patriot to join Rahul ji in this fight.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.