DOUBLE DOSE of Inflation & Unemployment Hate, Inflation and Unemployment, the BJP-RSS’ gift to India

When the Modi government came to power in 2014, they were gifted an India with a vast population of youth who had the potential to shape the destiny of not just our Country but the World. Dr. Manmohan Singh led India safely through the global financial crisis and left Modi ji an economy that was growing and creating jobs for our youth. India was talking about growth, a bright future and global leadership. 8 years later, all this lies in tatters.

Our economy is in shambles. Blunders like demonetization and a complex GST, the loot of our National Resources to favour a few and continuous mismanagement have created a soaring inflation rate that is breaking the backs of common people. Families are forced to make choices between feeding their children and educating them.

Unemployment is rampant. Let alone ordinary youth, even those with advanced degrees have no jobs available for them. The lot of young Dalits and Adivasis is even worse as privatization means that the reserved positions they could aspire to attain, no longer exist. This is leading to hopelessness. The tragic result is that youth are committing suicide in increasing numbers.

Having no real answer to the problems of the people, the BJP-RSS has gone back to their old and favourite political strategy of sowing hatred and division. They have unleashed their sponsored hooligans around the Country to spread hate and terror. They are sowing hate based upon what people wear, what they choose to eat and how they pray. There are daily reports of unrest and clashes in which the victims are the very youth who the BJP-RSS has driven to desperation.

The BJP-RSS have neither the understanding of India nor the desire to fix the Nation’s problems. Their only interest is to distract its people and destroy the Country. It is the duty of every Congress worker to go among the people and spread the truth.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.