Monetization The Theft of National Property

To begin with, isn’t it surprising that the people who could not see anything that had been done in the last 70 years are suddenly able to see all kinds of property that they can sell! Their new-found vision apart, the Modi Government has to answer some questions about this asset sale. Why are we in a position where we have to sell our assets? What has happened to the many lacs of crores of rupees that have been collected from the common man in the name of taxes on fuel? Even if the Nation needs to sell assets to make ends meet, what is the logic behind selling companies that are profitable and are in fact giving the Government a surplus every year?

Then come questions of the employees. How does the Government plan to protect the jobs that will be lost in these sales? The youth of India, especially the poorest and the most neglected for whom a government job is a path out of poverty, look to these jobs for their future. How do we ensure that they will still have a chance at a better future? What about the lacs of people from reserved categories who get jobs in Government enterprises? These reserved positions disappear in the private sector. What will happen to India’s dream of social justice?

Then there is a matter of national security. What will happen to our national sovereignty when important national assets are controlled by private enterprises? Who will actually be in charge? The people of India or the few industrialists who own all our assets? What happens if foreign investors take over? Do we want to go back to the era of the East India Company? Finally, going by the past track record of Modi ji, this will not even be a sale. At least in a sale, the Nation would get some money. Here, there will be no open bidding. 2 or 3 of Modi Ji’s friends will be allocated the assets. They will then be given a cheap loan to buy the asset at no cost to themselves. The loan will be defaulted so that they never have to pay back the loan. The taxpayers, you and I will be left to bear the cost. In return, these industrialists will share their profits with Modi Ji’s Party and Election Machine. This will not be a sale; it will be the people of India bearing the cost of the very political machine that is keeping them in chains.

It is the patriotic duty of every Indian to rise up and resist. The Country we will leave behind for our children depends upon it.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.