Murderous Arrogance

The events of Lakhimpur Kheri have shaken the nation. Four farmers and others were crushed to death by a vehicle that was deliberately and calculatedly driven into them from behind. Among the perpetrators of this cold-blooded and daylight murder is the son of a Union-Minister in Modi Ji’s cabinet. The Union-Minister is responsible for Home Affairs, the Ministry in charge of Law and Order and Justice. Such is the arrogance of the son and the father that the son did not surrender until the public outcry became too much to resist and the father has yet to resign from his ministry.

Meanwhile, our self-declared Pradhan Sevak who tweets about every small event, has not had the basic humanity to offer condolences to the bereaved families and Mr. 56-inch has not had the courage to ask his minister to resign. The sorry saga did not end here. When Priyanka ji and Rahul ji sought to visit the bereaved families, they were stopped, man-handled and detained in complete violation of the law and the Constitution. The policy of Modi ji and the Bisht ji, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh seems to be - neither will we comfort our people, nor will we let anyone else comfort them.

The death of any Indian citizen in such a manner is a terrible tragedy. As part of the ‘Gujarat model’, Modi ji and Amit Shah Ji’s political opponents have often disappeared. But now it seems that for the BJP, protesting farmers have also become opponents to be wiped out with any means necessary in broad day light as if the Constitution was never written. Such inhumanity, criminality and anti-nationalism must not go unpunished.

The Modi Government is convinced that India belongs only to the powerful and seeks to wipe out any one standing in their way. On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi and the Congress Party understand that the Nation belongs to the crores of daughters and sons of this Nation whose sweat, blood and toil go everyday into the making of India. They flew, drove and walked, fearlessly, resolutely to meet the families of the bereaved. This must be the future of India.

Let us, the workers of the Congress and everyone who truly loves India, take a pledge today to uproot this inhuman and unconstitutional regime and save the Indian Nation.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.