Our Resolve Shall Not Falter

The results of the recent assembly elections were shocking and deeply disappointing for the Congress Party.

We approached the elections with strong political intent. The campaign in Uttar Pradesh was based upon the empowerment of women, inclusive politics and the rejuvenation of cadre through large-scale outreach and training. It was by far the most positive and future-oriented campaign seen anywhere in the Country in recent times.

The decision of fielding women in 40% of the seats was ground-breaking. In Punjab, we took the very difficult step of removing a non-performing sitting Chief Minister. We further took the revolutionary step of handing the reigns of Punjab to a member of the Dalit community. In Uttarakhand, we prepared early and ran a strong and united campaign. In Goa and Manipur, we deployed very senior AICC leaders to ensure that coordination and seriousness were maintained in our campaign. But all of our efforts were not enough. In Uttar Pradesh, ‘Hate’ prevailed over ‘Hope’.

In Punjab, a false hope prevailed over real change. In Goa, the BJP’s B, C and D teams ensured that the Congress could not get the seats needed to form a government and in Manipur, the blatant misuse of government machinery made a mockery of democracy.

Even so, in a democracy, the will of the people is supreme. We humbly accept the people’s verdict but we know that India deserves much better. The Congress Party will continue its mission to build the politics that empowers every Indian and takes India towards the dream of the Constitution. We will very soon earn back the trust of the people. But clearly, the road before us is not an easy one. Massive forces are amassed against us and we will need to make deep changes within to confront them. We have faith that our leadership will make the changes required in the Party. But we too must do our share. It is time for all the workers to pledge themselves to strengthen the Party;

• Let us reaffirm our faith in the ideology of Gandhi, Nehru, Patel, Azad and Bose that brought our Country freedom, the Constitution and 70 years of peaceful progress. There can be no other path for India. • Let us draw inspiration from patriotism and sacrifice of Indira ji, Rajiv ji and the thousands of others who selflessly sacrificed everything for the Party and the Country. They never asked what the Party could do for them but did only what they could do for the Party and the Nation. • Finally, let us vow to never put a leader or a group above the Party. Let us commit ourselves to confronting groupism wherever a leader or a group behave as if they are bigger than the Party. The upcoming struggle is now for much more than an election. It is for the very future of our Country. If we do not rise and do what we can now, we will have failed the coming generations. Jai Congress.Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.