Rescuing Hinduism from Hindutvavad

Shri Rahul Gandhi delivered a historic speech at the massive rally in Jaipur this month. The speech will be remembered as a landmark in the ongoing struggle against fascism. In his address, he did not merely respond to the attacks on India’s soul, he exposed and laid bare the central strategy by RSS; attempting to enslave our nation. In fearless and direct words, he explained the difference between his Hindu Dharma and the Hindutvavad, the perverted instrument that the RSS has created to use the emotions of Hindus to grab power. He went on to challenge the forces that are misusing the name of this great religion for their corrupt ends and committed himself to the struggle to preserve the sanctity of the Hindu way.

Hinduism is a path by which countless people over times immemorial, have found salvation. It is a path that is cherished and practised by the vast majority of Indians. Hindutva is a political instrument designed to capture power. A Hindu is characterised by a lifelong pursuit of Truth, Satyagraha. A Hindutva-vadi is characterized by a pursuit of power at all costs, Sattagraha. A Hindu never submits to fear. He/She confronts his/her fear and overcomes it. A Hindutva-vadi is dominated by his/her fear. This fear emerges as hate and anger. A Hindu accepts all paths to be true and protects those who seek the Truth, whatever their path. A Hindutva-vadi has no path. They judge people based on their need for power. Mahatma Gandhi was a Hindu. Nathuram Godse was a Hindutva-vadi.

The Hindutva-vadi agenda is to use the symbols of the Hindu faith to rouse the emotions of Hindu faithful lot and plant in them the fear that their religion is in danger. In the blindness that is caused by this fear, they seek to capture the Country, its power and its assets. Rahul ji has correctly identified that the battle to free India from fascism is the same as the battle to save Hinduism from Hindutva-vadis. In doing so, he has taken the fight to the opponent fortress and forced them to confront their lies.

Much like the fight to evict fascism, this too will be a long and hard struggle. But we are the Congress. Struggle, sacrifice and patriotism are our tradition. We will stand with Shri Rahul Gandhi in this struggle for soul of India.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.