The Beginning of the End

They say that the night is darkest before the dawn. The last month was yet another dark chapter in the 7-year long night that our Country has endured. The Chinese are building villages on Indian land. Let alone fight back, the government is unwilling to even acknowledge the violation. The government’s arrogance has once again pushed Kashmir into militancy and soldiers are paying the price with their lives. Modi ji, the BJP and their army of the hateful continues to spread hate, conflict and violence. Modi’s goons are stopping Muslims from offering Friday prayers in spaces approved by the local BJP government. Tripura has been wracked by communal violence and journalists reporting it have been slapped with the UAPA in an effort to silence their voices. Finally, there is the insult of Mahatma Gandhi and the martyrs who made the ultimate sacrifice in the freedom struggle. Their memories have been tarnished by a film personality who is one of the many lunatics cultivated by Prime Minister Modi. Instead of being chastised, this personality has been given the Padma Shri.

But then, as it always must, a dawn has made an appearance after the dark night. The first indications were in the result of the bye-elections held earlier this month. The BJP, despite using every form of power, lost in most states including a wipe-out in Himachal. But the real sign of the retreating night is Prime Minister Modi’s repeal of the three farm laws.

These laws were a symbol of all that is wrong with this government. They were conceived to help powerful industrialists at the expense of the Indian farmer. They were drafted with no discussion or consultation. They were rammed through Parliament with no discussion or debate or even a proper vote. All those who raised their voice against it were attacked by the goons of the Government. But Modi ji underestimated the strength and self-respect of the farmers who feed us. They refused to bow down and took the government on in a historic movement of non-violent protest that lasted many months and cost the lives of over 700 farmers.

In the face of this steadfast resistance, Modi Ji had no option but to back down. Modi Ji’s repeal of the laws is, first and foremost, a victory of the struggle of the Indian farmers. But it is also a ray of hope for all those being crushed under the foot of this inhumane and oppressive regime. It is a sign that strength of the Indian people is coming together and cracking the fortress of arrogance and brute force that the Modi government hides behind. Their end is near. They will soon be gone and ‘Acche Din’ will be back soon.

Jai Congress.Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.