With the coming election season, the BJP has returned to its tried-and-tested political tactic of sparking communal violence and polarization. The latest victim of their dirty political games are the people of Haryana who live at just a stone’s throw from Delhi.

It has been 9 years now since the Modi government has come to power. Modi ji’s politics so far has been about spreading hate among peace-loving communities, peddling lies, distracting people’s attention with dramatic performances and intimidating those who dare to ask questions. The only achievement of this politics has been the impoverishment of the Indian people, the shredding of our social fabric and the destruction of our institutions. The only people who have been empowered by this agenda are the RSS, the BJP and a handful of Modi ji’s industrialist friends. The ‘Godi Media’ and the BJP’s IT factory have ensured that Modi ji’s web of lies survives for 9 long years. But now, the failures of the Modi era are becoming too big to be hidden by their propaganda machine. Poverty is rising, Manipur is burning, there are no jobs to be found, Muslims are being made to feel like outsiders, Dalits and Adivasis are being abused and exploited, farmers are no longer even able to cover their costs. Such is the violence against women that even those who have won Olympic medals have to protest on the street for justice. No amount of propaganda can hide their monumental failure.

Modi ji has also been shaken to the core by the response of the Indian people to the ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’, Rahul Gandhi’s vision for India and the Congress’ resounding victory in Karnataka. He is in absolute panic. In this panic, he has run to the politics he knows best – the politics of hate, division and violence that he perfected as the Chief Minister of Gujarat. His long rule over Gujarat was based upon injecting regular doses of violence and fear into the State. This is exactly what he will try to do with India.

As elections approach, the henchmen of violence will spread out and try to divide and polarize communities. As Congress workers, we must be vigilant, fearless and aggressive in combating polarization. We must be fearless in standing up to those who want to spread hate and steadfast in standing with those who are being attacked in the name of religion. We must ensure that no matter how hard Modi ji and the RSS try, the agenda of division does not take root in our communities. The future of India depends upon it. Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.