The Winds of Change begin from Himachal

The Winds of Change begin from Himachal

The Congress Party had mixed results in the recently concluded state elections. We could not breach the BJP fortress in Gujarat but Himachal gave us a clear majority and rejected the politics of the BJP.

There are some important lessons for us to take away from these results.

The first, most important lesson that the verdict in Himachal give us is that we must be confident in our message of unity, development. The people of Himachal have shown us that Indians are beginning to see through the hate being peddled by the BJP. Polarization will no longer work and people across the Country will embrace Congress’ message of unity, harmony and peace. We must refuse to compromise with our ideology and move confidently on the path shown by our leaders.

The next thing the Himachal performance shows is the power of a clear campaign, united leadership and motivated workers. The AICC leadership provided clear visions, the local leadership sunk their differences and worked together and the Congress workers gave it their all in the campaign. The opposition will never be a match to the Congress that fights as ‘ONE’.

The Gujarat results also hold important lessons leading up to the Lok Sabha elections. The BJP will try every dirty game in the book when it is cornered. They will spread hate, polarize the electorate, spend massive amounts of money, manipulate the election process and subvert democracy. We must guard against this in the election that are coming up.

Finally, the two elections have exposed the Aam Admi Party as being a directionless Party with no ideology. Their single point agenda is to disrupt the Congress campaign and assist the nefarious electoral tactics of the BJP. They were comprehensively rejected in both states but in Gujarat they showed how they could be the B-team of the BJP. Congress workers must expose their agenda in the other parts of the Country where they will attempt a similar strategy.

‘Congress Sandesh’ extends its heartiest congratulations to Congress workers, leaders and the people of Himachal on ushering in a new era of harmony, prosperity and progress. We also heartily congratulate Sukhu ji, the winning MLA and the cabinet. The ‘Winds of Change’ that have begun from Himachal will no doubt blow across the Country. The Nation is ready for change.

Jai Congress. Jai Hind. Jai Jagat.