When the Entire Nation is Anti-National

When the Entire Nation is Anti-National

India was once colonized by the East India Company. The Modi Government has proven itself to be West India Company – our brown-skinned colonizer. The West India Company’s policy is clear – use corporate funding to capture absolute power, overrun democratic institutions, handover large sections of the Country to their corporate funders and term anyone who attempts to resist their agenda as traitors.

The latest victims of the West India Company’s assault are our farmers. The Modi Government drafted three laws that are designed to handover control of the Nation’s farms, agriculture industry and food security to their wealthy friends. So desperate were they to pass these laws that they could not even wait for Parliament to convene. They implemented these laws by bringing in an emergency ordinance. Then when Parliament finally met, they introduced the bills, refused to conduct a debate, shut down the voices of the opposition and rammed it through a vote in a manner that would have shamed even the East India Company.

Modi ji may have silenced the voice of the MPs, but he cannot silence the voice of the Indian farmer. Our farmers, the backbone of our country, the annadatas who toil to sustain us have come out on the streets to defend not only their own land and livelihood but the self-respect of our Nation. Every patriotic son and daughter of India stands with the heroic farmers who have chosen to confront these modern tyrants and say, ‘No More’.

Rather than listen to the voices of the sons and daughters of the soil, the Modi Government has reacted as any true tyrant would – by doing everything in its power to crush the voices of dissent. First, they tried to use physical force to keep farmers from reaching Delhi. Then, they said that the farmers are too naïve to understand what is good for them.

Furthermore, they said that the farmers are being misled and hijacked by separatists. Finally, they started spreading the propaganda that protesting farmers are agents of foreign powers. In short, they are calling our farmers anti-national. So now after Muslims, adivasis, dalits, students, non-Godi Media and anyone who raises their voice against the tyranny of the Modi Raj, farmers have also become anti-nationals. At this rate, very soon, the day will come when only Modi ji and his bhakts will be ‘national’ and all the rest of us will be certified as ‘anti-National’. Hopefully prior to that, the Country will realize that for Modi ji, he alone is India. In his eyes, the only bhakti that counts is the absolute and unquestioning bhakti to him and his nefarious agenda. As far as Modi ji is concerned, anyone who dares cross this line and question him deserves not just punishment but banishment.

It is high time that the Country wakes up and banishes its brown-skinned colonizers before they reduce us to a slave-state. It is the least we can do to honour the farmers who are leading this fight through a bitter winter. Jai Hind. Jai Congress. Jai Jagat.